Please pray for...


  1. Wisdom, strength and vision for Taylor’s University Cabinet and their families: Dr. Gene and Mrs. Marylou Habecker, Dr. Jeff and Mrs. Peggy Moshier, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Erika Mortland, Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Kari Olson, Dr. Ben and Mrs. Lisa Sells, Mr. Ron and Mrs. Judy Sutherland, and Dr. Skip and Mrs. Jennifer Trudeau.
  2. The staff, faculty and administrators as they seek to exemplify Christ in word and deed, especially before our students.
  3. The Strategic Directions 2026 Steering Group who is in a deeply collaborative process, involving the extended Taylor family in the planning of the University’s next 10 years.
  4. Succession planning at both the administrative and faculty levels. For God to begin to prepare those who will fill faculty and staff roles, and the recruiting/ searches to find them.
  5. For those who will be coming to TU, that God will smooth their paths (both personally and professionally).
  6. Faculty and staff who are grieving significant losses.
  7. Taylor employees who are working on the 2015 Systems Portfolio as part of the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP). This document serves as the institution’s primary means for demonstrating that Taylor meets the criteria to be accredited and is committed to continuous quality improvement. The Systems Portfolio is due to the Higher Learning Commission (Taylor’s accrediting body) by June 1, 2015.


  1. Proper balance between academics, socialization, and time with God.
  2. The students’ relationships with God, that they will grow and that they will seek His will for their lives.
  3. The financial means needed for students to continue at Taylor.
  4. Relationships between roommates, wing mates, friends, and people of the opposite sex.
  5. Internship opportunities for undergraduates and career opportunities for graduating seniors.
  6. A smooth transition to campus of new students, both domestic and international, as well as students who studied away from campus in the fall.

Taylor Families

  1. Parents and siblings who are struggling with having their child/sibling away from home.
  2. The financial means needed for their students to continue at Taylor.
  3. Families who are dealing with various difficulties.
  4. Families that are not able to join with other parents to pray may feel encouraged during their personal prayer time.

Residence Life

  1. The health of the Christian community that is shared in the residence life program. That students and faculty alike would learn through rejoicing with those who rejoice, mourning with those who mourn, disagreeing with an irenic spirit, seeking peace and justice with humility, and persevering in hardship and conflict with a godly steadfastness.
  2. Wisdom and discernment for the Hall Directors during the selection process for the Personnel Assistants (PAs) for the 2015-2016 school year. Specifically, we pray that this process, regardless of if they have been selected or not, will be a source of learning and growth for our campus community.
  3. Wisdom and discernment for the Residence Life staff during the selection process for the Discipleship Coordinators (DCs) and Discipleship Assistants (DAs) for the 2015-2016 school year. Specifically, we pray each student leader’s personal relationship with the Lord will be strengthened and encouraged regardless of position.
  4. God’s provision for the right Residence Life faculty and staff for the 2015-2016 school year and the transition of Residence Life staff to other positions or institutions (this includes MA of Higher Education Graduate Assistants who graduate and full time faculty members).
  5. The continued formation of community in Breuninger, Bergwall, Campbell, English, Gerig, Haakonsen, Morris, Swallow Robin, Olson, Wengatz, and Wolgemuth halls.

Campus Ministries:

  1. This semester’s chapel program and speakers, that messages are true to God’s Word, blessed by His Spirit, and heeded by the students.
  2. The Chapel Committee in its efforts to effectively program.
  3. The upcoming selection process for a new Campus Pastor.
  4. Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement and launch of the Bible Gateway materials.
  5. Lighthouse and academic trips over J-term and Spring Break.

Academic Affairs

  1. Faculty/staff who are struggling with personal or family health issues, the care of parents or grieving the loss of loved ones.
  2. Ongoing strategic planning initiatives looking forward to 2016-2026. Pray for wisdom and God’s leading as we try to discern His plans for Taylor’s future.
  3. The academic stewardship task force.

School of Humanities, Arts & Biblical Studies

  1. Faculty and students who are part of re-envisioning the Foundational Core Curriculum (i.e. General Education), engaging students and faculty in the pursuit of the “Big Ideas” that have meaning for a lifetime and for eternity.
  2. Hiring new faculty who bring a love for their discipline and a passion for teaching in a Christian liberal arts university to Taylor.
  3. Matriculation of a freshman class committed to the learning and growing as disciples of Jesus in mind, body, and soul.
  4. Search for a dean in this school.

School of Social Sciences, Education and Business

  1. Thanks for a new business professor.

School of Natural and Applied Sciences

  1. Insight as the department seeks to find innovative ways for department programs to interact with each other to deliver exciting and valuable science course to students not majoring in the sciences.
  2. Thanks for a new biology professor. 


  1. Student-athletes to continue to learn life lessons through their pursuit of athletic excellence and to seek growth in their spiritual lives though their athletic participation.
  2. Coaches and student-athletes to continue to build strong relationships, and new coaches would be confident in their roles as leaders on campus and their teams would respond well to new leadership.
  3. The Athletic Department would be faithful in their work to developing a culture that is both competitive and comprehensive for the development of all coaches and student-athletes.
  4. Wisdom for coaches as they work with their student-athletes and pour into their lives as Godly examples.
  5. Ability to provide necessary facility improvements to accommodate 350 athletes and teams.
  6. To find creative and successful ways to help fund interested student-athletes and financial limitations not be such a problem in allowing talented, committed Christian athletes to come to Taylor.


  1. Gratitude for the $19.5 million that has been identified toward the $20 million LaRita R. Boren Campus Center, for the projected April 9, 2015, groundbreaking pending completion of fundraising, and for the safety of the construction crews ahead of the anticipated Spring 2016 completion of the project.
  2. Wisdom as we implement approaches to strategically steward the time, talent and treasure of alumni, parents and friends who significantly advance Taylor University.
  3. Grandparents Day (April 24). Pray for the safety of grandparents as they travel and as they are on campus, as well as for a meaningful time with their grandchildren.

Business Administration

  1. Campus Center construction bidding – For God’s favor in great pricing.
  2. Faculty that they might continue to walk closely with the Lord and minister in his power.
  3. Protection and safety in the construction of the Campus Center and other projects on campus.

Enrollment Management and Marketing

  1. God to lead the right students to Taylor. Student who are prepared and equipped to take advantage of and contribute to Taylor’s discipleship community.
  2. The Admissions staff as they continue to work with students and parents through the long college selection process. Pray that they will listen well and be an encouragement to the families, and that they would know God's presence in and through their work and not just by the outcomes of it.
  3. The 24@Taylor visit days: February 15-16, March 19-20, and April 16-17. Please pray that the Admissions team and student body will clearly demonstrate Taylor to the families that visit campus.

Finance Department

  1. Financial blessings for those families with unpaid accounts.
  2. Wisdom for University leadership as we consider multiple budget decisions.