As We Pray Requests 2016

Please pray for...


  1. The new president-elect and the coming transition.
  2. Wisdom, strength and vision for Taylor’s University Cabinet and their families: Dr. Gene and Mrs. Marylou Habecker, Dr. Jeff and Mrs. Peggy Moshier, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Erika Mortland, Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Kari Olson, Mrs. Sherri Harter and Mr. Ted Harter, Mr. Ron and Mrs. Judy Sutherland, and Dr. Skip and Mrs. Jennifer Trudeau.
  3. The staff, faculty and administrators as they seek to exemplify Christ in word and deed, especially before our students.
  4. The University Program Review process continues and will consume much prayer, effort and change over the next 18 months. Please pray for peace and a sense of stability in an era of change, for clarity and grace in the communication and for understanding among the employees.
  5. Faculty and staff who are grieving significant losses.

Academic Affairs

  1. For the search for Dean Connie Lightfoot’s (School of Social Sciences, Education & Business) successor and for blessings as (s)he prepares to relocate and assume the responsibility.
  2. Several faculty retirements. Pray for these important recruiting hiring processes, that God would bring a culturally diverse and highly qualified pool of candidates.
  3. Also, pray for those entering retirement that they will find new and powerful ways to minister the gospel in retirement.
  4. Praise for a Marketing professor for which the school has searched for over two years. He will begin service in February.
  5. For the search for a new faculty member in Social Work. After several excellent applicants, each has either withdrawn or been eliminated. The department is covering the vacancy this year with first-rate adjuncts but cannot flourish if they continue to be without someone in this position.
  6. For several students with serious medical conditions making academic life very difficult for them as well as the students around them and their professors.


  1. Gratitude for the full funding of the LaRita Boren Campus Center; prayer for the April 30 dedication of the facility, and for the safety of the construction crews ahead of the anticipated completion of the project.
  2. For continued blessing in meeting fundraising goals for the 2015-16 fiscal year.
  3. Wisdom as the University implements approaches to strategically steward the time, talent and treasure of alumni, parents and friends who significantly advance Taylor University.
  4. Grandparents Day (April 29). Pray for the safety of grandparents as they travel and as they are on campus, as well as for a meaningful time with their grandchildren.


  1. The new Athletic Director search and transition.
  2. Student-athletes to continue to learn life lessons through their pursuit of athletic excellence and to seek growth in their spiritual lives though their athletic participation.
  3. Coaches and student-athletes to continue to build strong relationships.
  4. The Athletic Department would be faithful in their work to developing a culture that is both competitive and comprehensive for the development of all coaches and student-athletes.
  5. Wisdom for coaches as they work with their student-athletes and pour into their lives as godly examples.
  6. To find creative and successful ways to help fund interested student-athletes and financial limitations not be such a problem in allowing talented, committed Christian athletes to come to Taylor.

Business Administration

  1. For the contractors working on the Boren Campus Center, that they will remain safe in their work and continue to do high-quality work.
  2. For the opening of the facility on 4/1/2016, that this space will expand Taylor’s ability to accomplish her mission.
  3. For the development of our training plan for employees - that the University will be able to find ways to develop employees to be whole people.
  4. Over the next several years there will be several faculty retirements. Pray for these important recruiting and hiring processes, that God would bring a culturally diverse and qualified pool of candidates. 

Campus Ministries

  1. For spiritual vitality and a godly witness in this semester’s chapel program and speakers, that messages are true to God’s Word, blessed by His Spirit, and heeded by the students. 
  2. For wisdom and discernment for Campus Pastor Jon Cavanagh and his transition into the role. 
  3. For spiritual growth and development of the Student Worship Leaders and Chapel Coordinators as they serve the campus community through the chapel program. 
  4. For wholeness in the hearts of our students, faculty and staff through Christ as we worship with one another, spur one another on in the Gospel and serve one another. 

Enrollment Management

  1. February through May is the busiest time of year as financial aid packages are completed for new and returning students and time spent communicating the details of those packages with students and families. Pray for energy, compassion, and wisdom for our staff.
  2. The spring will be extremely busy with special visit days. Pray that the staff will have the energy to care for students and families as they visit campus. Pray that families will feel welcomed and sense God’s leading in their lives.
  3. Pray for students and families as they receive their financial aid packages and make decisions about enrolling or continuing their enrollment at Taylor. Pray that God will lead the right students (and families) to Taylor for this coming fall.


  1. The budget process – for the university as we allocate resources that will affect the effectiveness of the university
  2. For a new employee starting in this area with much to learn.
  3. Students – a larger-than-normal number of medical withdrawals this semester; for the health of these students, and for wisdom as they consider when to return to Taylor.

Residence Life

  1. The health of the Christian community that is shared in the residence life program. That students and faculty alike would learn through rejoicing with those who rejoice, mourning with those who mourn, disagreeing with an irenic spirit, seeking peace and justice with humility and persevering in hardship and conflict with a godly steadfastness.
  2. Wisdom and discernment for the Hall Directors during the selection process for the Personnel Assistants (PAs) for the 2015-2016 school year. Specifically, we pray that this process will be a source of learning and growth for our campus community.
  3. Wisdom and discernment for the Residence Life staff during the selection process for the Discipleship Coordinators (DCs) and Discipleship Assistants (DAs) for the 2015-2016 school year. Specifically, pray each student leader’s personal relationship with the Lord will be strengthened and encouraged regardless of position.
  4. God’s provision for the right Residence Life faculty and staff for the 2015-2016 school year; and, the transition of Residence Life staff to other positions or institutions (this includes MA of Higher Education Graduate Assistants who graduate and full-time faculty members).
  5. The continued formation of community in Breuninger, Bergwall, Campbell, English, Gerig, Haakonsen, Morris, Swallow Robin, Olson, Wengatz and Wolgemuth Halls.


  1. Proper balance between academics, socialization, and time with God.
  2. The students’ relationships with God, that they will grow and that they will seek His will for their lives.
  3. The financial means needed for students to continue at Taylor.
  4. Relationships between roommates, wing mates, friends, and people of the opposite gender.
  5. Internship opportunities for undergraduates and career opportunities for graduating seniors.
  6. A smooth transition to campus of new students as well as students who studied away from campus in the fall.