As We Pray Requests 2017


  • For our faculty and staff who commit so much with their energy, hard work, mission focus and caring spirit – that they remain able to balance work, personal, home and other commitments well.
  • For those employees who are dealing with personal health issues or family struggles that creative challenges we may not even understand fully while we work side-by-side with them.
  • For opportunities for the faculty and staff of Taylor to be present in our communities and share the Good News of Christ in our local areas.
  • Wisdom for all the faculty and staff leading Taylor trips around the world each January and during Spring Break.
  • Wisdom, strength and vision for Taylor’s University Cabinet and their families: President Lowell and Mrs. Sherry Haines, Dr. Jeff and Mrs. Peggy Moshier, Mr. Steve and Mrs. Erika Mortland, Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Kari Olson, Mrs. Sherri Harter and Mr. Ted Harter, Mr. Ron and Mrs. Judy Sutherland, and Dr. Skip and Mrs. Jennifer Trudeau.
  • Wisdom in the development of a strategic plan that can guide and shape the annual budget.
  • Strength to persevere through challenging decisions resulting from the recent University Program Review.
  • Guidance to discern where best to allocate resources.


  • For the search for a new University Librarian and for Dan Bowell as he transitions into what will doubtless be an active and productive retirement.
  • For the search for a new Director of the Bedi Center for Teaching and Learning/Dean of Faculty Development and that Dr. Faye Chechowich may thrive in all she sets her heart to do in retirement.
  • For insight, wisdom and courage as the campus deliberates about the essence of a Christian liberal arts education and how best to equip students to be faithful and effective ministers of God’s truth and love in this 21st century world.

School of Humanities, Arts & Biblical Studies

  • Creativity and energy for our faculty who serve our students in the classroom. Pray that they will be rewarded spiritually as they live out their mission at Taylor.
  • Safety for faculty and students who travel for research trips
  • Wisdom and patience for department chairs and faculty as they plan programs for the future.
  • Hiring new faculty who bring a love for their discipline and a passion for teaching in a Christian liberal arts university to Taylor.
  • New faculty and their families as they transition to Taylor and the surrounding community.
  • Matriculation of a freshman class committed to the learning and growing as disciples of Jesus in mind, body, and soul.

School of Natural and Applied Sciences

  • New programs and program changes that are being developed – that they will attract additional students and assist with faculty recruitment.
  • Five and possibly six faculty positions open for fall 2017 – for wisdom in the recruitment process.
  • Balance for faculty members in positions with extremely heavy workloads.

School of Social Sciences, Education & Business

  • Wisdom, discernment, and direction as we search for two new faculty members, one in finance and one in anthropology, to begin in August 2017.
  • Continued grace, wisdom, and peace in transition for new tenure-track faculty members who began August 2016: Dr. Laura McClelland, Assistant Professor of Psychology, and Ms. Debbie Stiles, Assistant Professor of Social Work.
  • Graduating seniors to faithfully live out God’s call to be “servant leaders marked with a passion to minister Christ's redemptive love and truth to a world in need.”
  • MAHE graduates as they leave us to promote whole-person education and serve as change agents, providing service and leadership in a variety of higher educational roles and contexts.
  • A special touch from God for students with serious medical and/or mental health conditions making academic life very difficult for them.
  • Encouragement for faculty who give of themselves tirelessly to educate and mentor our students (Galatians 6:9).

University Advancement

  • The search for a new Vice President for University Advancement.
  • Continued blessing in meeting fundraising opportunities.
  • Safe travel and great connections with alumni and parents this spring.
  • Grandparents Day and Heritage Weekend (April 28-29, 3017).


  • Student-athletes to continue to learn life lessons through their pursuit of athletic excellence and to seek growth in their spiritual lives though their athletic participation.
  • Coaches and student-athletes to continue to build strong relationships.
  • The Athletic Department would be faithful in their work to developing a culture that is both competitive and comprehensive for the development of all coaches and student-athletes.
  • Wisdom for coaches as they work with their student-athletes and pour into their lives as godly examples.
  • To find creative and successful ways to help fund interested student-athletes and financial limitations not be such a problem in allowing talented, committed Christian athletes to come to Taylor.

Campus Ministries

  • For spiritual vitality and a godly witness during the year’s worship services and speakers, that messages are true to God’s Word, blessed by His Spirit, and heeded by the campus community.
  • For wisdom and discernment for Campus Pastor Jon Cavanagh in his continued leadership and shepherding of the student body.
  • For spiritual growth and development for all of the students, faculty, staff and administration that have the opportunity to share in chapel throughout the year.
  • For the spiritual growth and faithfulness of the Student Worship Leaders and Chapel Coordinators as they serve the campus community through the chapel program.
  • For wholeness in the hearts of our students, faculty and staff through Christ as we worship with one another, spur one another on in the Gospel and serve one another.

Enrollment Management

  • Families who are evaluating Taylor as an option for their student. That God would clearly lead the right students to Taylor and, in leading them, He would provide the resources that are necessary for them to enroll.
  • Big visit days scheduled for spring:
    • Act Six Visit on February 2nd
    • 24@ Taylor’s on March 3rd and April 7th
    • Accepted Student Visit Day on March 11th
  • There are a number of students who are hoping to stay at Taylor this spring but are dealing with significant financial issues. Pray that God will provide and that people would be moved to help these students and their families.
  • Pray for energy for staff as they do the good work of helping families through this important and often challenging process

Residence Life

  • The health of the Christian community that is shared in the residence life program. That students and faculty alike would learn through rejoicing with those who rejoice, mourning with those who mourn, disagreeing with an irenic spirit, seeking peace and justice with humility and persevering in hardship and conflict with a godly steadfastness.
  • Wisdom, energy, and courage for Hall Directors as they counsel and care for our students balancing grace and truth in these conversations. Also for discernment during the selection process for the Personnel Assistants (PAs) for the 2017-2018 school year. Specifically, we pray that this process will be a source of learning and growth for our campus community.
  • Wisdom and discernment for the Residence Life staff during the selection process for the Discipleship Assistants (DAs) for the 2017-2018 school year. Specifically, pray each student leader’s personal relationship with the Lord will be strengthened and encouraged regardless of position.
  • Continued opportunities for students to engage in meaningful and difficult conversations surrounding their similarities and their differences. That we would continue to encourage our students to live with conviction and civility as they interact.
  • Facilities renovations in Bergwall Hall this summer of 2017. That the work would be on schedule and on budget and that the renovated spaces would provide enhanced opportunities for community growth.
  • God’s provision for the right Residence Life faculty and staff for the 2017-2018 school year; and, the transition of Residence Life staff to other positions or institutions (this includes MA of Higher Education Graduate Assistants who graduate and full-time faculty members).
  • The continued formation of community in Breuninger, Bergwall, Campbell, English, Gerig, Haakonsen, Morris, Swallow Robin, Olson, Wengatz and Wolgemuth Halls.

Taylor World Outreach

  • For students to have courage to build bridges and get outside of Taylor to serve others – “the harvest is ready, but the workers are few.”
  • For creativity and energy for our volunteers who serve all over Grant County at one of our eleven ministry sites.
  • For safety and wisdom of those who travel with our mission service-learning teams.>
  • For the transitioning out of Mary Rayburn, who has served our office and community for 25 years. Pray for those of us who remain in the office to know how to balance the work load and community partnerships she handled so well.
  • For our student leaders and grad assistants who provide guidance to our six T.W.O. divisions - that this would continue to be an opportunity to grow in leadership and discipleship.
  • For people who would give generously to the work of T.W.O. locally and globally, and that we as an office would be good stewards of our resources.