TU Taking Jazz to Ecuador

By Cathy Moore Published: Mar 06, 2013

The Taylor University Jazz Ensemble is traveling to Cuenca, Ecuador March 21-31 to present a series of concerts in cooperation with Verbo Iglesia Cristiana and the Universidad del Azuay. The 18-member ensemble, directed by Dr. Albert Harrison, will present a series of sacred and standard jazz concerts in the church, the public theatre (Teatro Sucre), the old town square (La Glorieta), and at an orphanage (La Esperanza). They will also be performing in a couple of school assemblies. Since the students will be in Ecuador during Holy Week, they are anticipating special opportunities as they share their music and their faith.

This is the first trip for this group outside the country to a Spanish-speaking nation, and the students are all very excited for this opportunity to perform and travel and to experience a South American country firsthand. The ensemble members will be staying in the homes of host families where they will be immersed in Spanish culture and language. They will also participate in sightseeing and recreational activities, such as visiting Ingapirca (an ancient Inca site), as part of the learning experience.

Under the auspices of the Taylor University Spencer Centre for Global Engagement, each student is in the process of raising approximately $1,800 to cover the costs of the ministry tour. As Director of Ecuador Programs at Taylor University, Dr. John Moore has made the necessary arrangements for travel and logistics.  Both he and his wife, Cathy, will be traveling with the Jazz Ensemble to assist with the details involved in such a trip. Upon return to campus, the Jazz Ensemble will present a concert, Ecuador and All That Jazz, during which they will share about their experiences in Ecuador. This event is scheduled for Thursday, April 25, at 7:30 pm in the Recital Hall.