Taylor University’s Spring 2014 Lecture/Discussion Series Focuses on George MacDonald

Published: Feb 10, 2014

George MacDonald

Taylor University’s Spring 2014 Lecture Series begins tomorrow with five lectures that will focus on the late Scottish preacher and author George MacDonald, discussing the topics of salvation, science and society.   

Beloved Christian author C. S. Lewis referred to MacDonald as his master and said that he never wrote a book that he didn’t quote him either directly or indirectly. According to Dr. Dave Neuhouser, the featured lecturer, since Lewis learned so much from MacDonald, many more could profit from his teaching.  

Each 75 minute session will be held in room ZL109B in the Zondervan Library and will consist of a 40 minute lecture by Dr. David Neuhouser and a 10 minute response followed by general discussion.

7:00 p.m., Tue., Feb. 11, MacDonald on Evangelism: Reason, Emotion or Obedience

Response: Dr. Faye Chechowich

7:00pm Tue., March 4, MacDonald on Social Issues: Gender, Philanthropy, and Ecology

Response: Dr. Steve Bird

7:00pm Tues., March 18, MacDonald on Science: Delight or Disappointment

Response: Dr. Tom Nurkkala

7:00pm Tue., April 15, MacDonald on Mathematics: The Role of Math on Spiritual Growth

Response: Dr. Jeremy Case

7:00pm Tuesday, May 6, George MacDonald on Universal Reconciliation: The Extent of God’s Love

Response:  Dr. Kevin Diller

There is no charge for admission. Everyone in the Taylor community and beyond is invited.