Taylor University Students Seeking Subjects for Stroke Recovery Study

By Jim Garringer Published: Jan 24, 2012

Students and faculty members from Taylor University’s human performance/wellness program are seeking candidates for a study that incorporates moderate exercise into the recovery program of adults who have suffered a stroke. According to Dr. Matt S. Renfrow, assistant professor of physical education and human performance at Taylor, the efforts’ goal is to improve activity level and quality of life for the program’s participants.

“Our vision for this program is to help people develop an exercise program they can participate in their homes or here on the Taylor campus,” Renfro said. “Numerous studies have shown that activity levels and quality of life have been increased in the lives of people who have suffered a stroke. Our goal is to take a handful of these people and help them build a program of exercise and relative fitness that they can continue long after the study ends. This is something that was especially exciting to our students.”

Renfrow is working with student directors Ryan Schlosser and Kate Bolinger. He added subjects need to be able to come to campus six to eight times during the upcoming Spring Semester, which begins January 31.

"This is a great opportunity for us to combine our learning with service,” said Bolinger. “We are aware of the negative impact a stroke can have on an individual, and it is our hope that the study will instead benefit participants and, potentially, the stroke population at large."

For additional information, call 765-998-5183 or email mtrenfrow@taylor.edu.