New Major in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics Begins in the Fall

Published: Feb 21, 2014

Taylor University will launch a new major – Political Science, Philosophy and Economics – at the start of the Fall 2014 Semester.

The program (PPE) will be jointly offered by Taylor’s departments of Political Science, Business, and BSCEP (Biblical Studies, Christian Education and Philosophy). Students will take three required courses in each department and can select electives from over 30 courses. According to Dr. Nicholas Kerton-Johnson, associate professor of Political Science, students can balance their major across the programs or specialize in a particular field that is tailored to their individual interests and gifts, especially during their junior and senior years as they prepare for graduate school programs.

“As globalization pulls cultures, practices and people together it is vital that Taylor graduates have the ability to engage globally, and be equipped to grapple with complex processes and interactions. PPE is explicitly designed to achieve this goal,” said Kerton-Johnson. “This is a very successful major, taught at Oxford and Yale, and now Taylor. The disciplines fit together excellently and the faculty who will be teaching in this new major are all highly regarded by students and their peers.”

Kerton-Johnson said PPE graduates can choose from a wide variety of careers in the business, politics, law and non-profit sectors.

“The PPE major presents the opportunity for students to be accustomed with the core of these three disciplines, equipping them with a wide grasp of approaches to knowledge and critical thinking, significant political and economic structures and processes, and to be globally engaged and trained in discussing leading contemporary issues,” said Kerton-Johnson.