Faith-Based Film Event Launches Center for Faith, Film and Media

Published: Sep 27, 2013

1995 Taylor grad Andy Peterson hosts a Q&A after the film.

If the film "Grace Unplugged," is any indication, the world of faith-based films continues take steps forward in professionalism and storytelling. The new film, set to hit 500 theatres in October, pre-screened on Taylor's campus on September 17th. Taylor alumnus Andy Peterson ('95) works for the Nashville-based marketing firm, Propeller, that is promoting the film.

"With just weeks to go before the film is released, we wanted to know more about whether the film connects with a college-aged audience," said Peterson who gathered comment cards and verbal feedback from more than fifty students who attended.

"Honestly, I didn't want to like it" said Kevin Schillinger, a junior media communication major who had to admit he found the film's production values much higher than previous Christian films he had seen. Several students remarked on the strong acting by lead female A.J. Michalka (Super 8, Secretariat).

The screening was the inaugural event for Taylor's Center for Faith, Film and Media, designed to encourage the campus to engage with film in intelligent and faith-informed ways.

"We're really excited to launch this new Center on Taylor's campus," said John Bruner, assistant professor and director of production for the media communication department. "The Center's goals include the promotion of film artistry among media communication majors and, more broadly, the thoughtful connection of faith and culture among students of all majors."