The Campus Center

Taylor University has designed a 55,000 square foot facility that will live at the heart of campus, to facilitate the convergence of meaningful, discipleship interactions. The building is designed to wrap around the existing Rediger Chapel and Auditorium, giving further prominence to it as the central location for chapel services and campus worship. The facility’s layout also provides space to house The Calling and Career Office, Taylor Student Organizations, Taylor World Outreach, the Counseling Center, and Student Development.

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The existing Student Union was built for a time when the Taylor student and alumni population was significantly smaller. The new interactive space will nearly triple the current number of seats in the Student Union.

Some of these spaces have been intentionally designed to include undesignated space until designated by the interactions and activities of those using it. This means staff members and students can be discussing the latest chapel message while students are studying or receiving one-on-one instruction from a professor. Student athletes can grab a late meal after their evening practice while others are just hanging out. The Campus Center will be a convergence of activity energized by individuals and groups who are engaged in various conversations and interests.

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Floor Plan Upper Level

Floor Plan Upper Level