Dedicated Faculty

“We teach and practice science as integral to our call to minister the redemptive love and truth of Christ to a world in need. It is an exercise of our Godly dominion as we obey God’s command in scripture to faithfully care for the natural world and the people in it.” – Dr. Michael Guebert, professor of Environmental Science

Caring. World-class. Relevant. Dedicated. Taylor faculty members do more than teach classes; they use the classroom to fulfill Jesus’ command to make disciples. They also worship the Lord their God with all their hearts, souls and minds. All annually sign the Life Together Covenant that affirms how we work and serve together as a biblically anchored and Christ-centered university. What ultimately sets Taylor faculty apart is their passion for teaching and collaborating with students and their belief that all truth is God’s truth.

Faculty members regularly entertain and advise groups in their homes, allowing those students a taste of “home away from home.”

From the legacies of Olive Mae Draper to Elmer Nussbaum to today’s faculty members on the cutting edge of new discoveries, Taylor’s science faculty members have influenced countless young men and women with a passion to impact the world through discoveries and innovations in and outside the classroom, both at home and abroad.

Dr. Mike Guebert Taylor University Earth and Enviornmental Science Faculty

Dr. Mike Guebert, professor of Geology and Hydrology  “I want my science training to become a means by which I love, honor and glorify God as I serve on his behalf toward the rest of his creation.” Read more about Dr. Guebert

Dr. Hank Voss Taylor University Engineering and Physics Faculty

Dr. Hank Voss, professor of Engineering and Physics. “We challenge students with what they really need for graduate school. We build advanced sensors, publish findings and stimulate faculty enhancement.  People take us seriously as they see us write our proposals and publish our data.” Read more about Dr. Voss