Science Programs

All members of the Taylor community benefit from the Euler Science Complex through its shared spaces, and through the core math and science courses taken by all students. Approximately 40 faculty and over 300 students (and growing) in the following departments, studies and centers benefit from the Euler Science Complex in regard to their major and minor programs:

Taylor University Euler Science Complex - Biology

Biology – Studying all life as it is utterly dependent on God for its origin, its moment-by-moment existence, its governance, the value it possesses and the purpose for which it was made.

Majors:Biology, Biology Science Education, Biology/Systems, Biology/Pre-Med, Pre-Allied Health
Highlight: Dr. John Moore ’73 is the past president of the National Association of Biology Teachers.

Taylor University Euler Science Complex - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Chemistry/Biochemistry – Striving to ever more fully understand the chemical and physical properties of the world and how they can be used to glorify God and serve His purpose.

Majors: Chemistry, Chemistry/Environmental Science, Chemistry/Environmental Science/Systems, Chemistry/Systems, Chemistry/Pre-Med
Highlight: Over the past several years, alumni from Taylor’s chemistry department have enjoyed a 99% placement rate in the nation’s most prestigious medical schools, including the Mayo Clinic.

Taylor University Euler Science Complex - Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) - Studying computer science, computer systems and computer engineering with a deep commitment to honor God through excellence, integrity and service within each discipline, and to further God’s kingdom through applying these disciplines to global challenges.

Majors: Computer Engineering, Computer Engineering/Systems, Computer Science, Computer Science/Systems, Computer Science – Digital Media, Computer Science – Digital Media/Systems
Highlight: Taylor CSE students, who are recruited by the nation’s top companies have been working alongside TU faculty to release and revise the software package WordSurv, a language survey tool that aids Bible translation efforts of missionaries working in the world’s remotest locations.

Taylor University Euler Science Complex - Earth and Environmental Science

Earth & Environmental Science (housed in the Randall Building) – Studying the environment and fostering an ethic of Christian stewardship, and an attitude of service to God and to society, and of care for all of creation.

Majors: Environmental Biology, Environmental Biology/Systems, Environmental Science, Environmental Geology
Highlight: The Earth and Environmental Science department at Taylor University was the first among the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) to offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in the environmental sciences.

Taylor University Euler Science Complex - Math

Mathematics – Studying mathematics and preparing competent, caring and creative problem solvers and educators for world service and life-long learning.

Majors: Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Mathematics-Interdisciplinary, Mathematics/Systems, Physics/Mathematics Education
Highlights: Taylor Math students consistently place high in the nation’s most prestigious competitions. After graduation, they go on to careers that range from statistical analysis to higher education, elementary and secondary education.

Taylor University Euler Science Complex - Physics and Engineering

Physics & Engineering – Studying the physical world, its fundamental nature and governing principles, the properties that make it function, and the techniques that can be applied to solve applied science and engineering challenges.

Majors: Physics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Physics/Systems, Physics Science Education, Physics/Mathematics Education
Highlights: “I will forever be grateful to my former professor Dr. Elmer Nussbaum for his interest in me, and his catalytic role in getting me started on a career in Harvard, which has lasted more than 40 years and continues to be challenging and completely enjoyable.” – Dr. Joseph Brain ’61, Harvard University

Taylor University Euler Science Complex - Center for Missions Computing

Center for Missions Computing (CMC)
Taylor University has hosted the annual meeting of the International Conference on Computing and Mission (ICCM) for the last twenty years, and through the newly created center continues to partner with mission agencies like Wycliffe Bible Translators and New Tribes Mission to develop and implement new innovative software that can benefit the Great Commission.


“Heliostat” comes from “helio” for “sun” and “stat” for “stationary”.