Math Department Highlights

The spacious new Math Lab and adjoining Math Resource Room will allow math education students to explore the latest innovations in teaching mathematics, including using a Smart Board and a large assortment of math manipulatives.  These spaces will also provide an effective location for the evening Math Study Table (tutoring) sessions.  Our Math Lab is one of the few like it in the U.S. The Math Lab is designed so that students can visit the resource room to get manipulatives for field experiences while classes may be ongoing in the classroom part.  The Math Lab is named after William Ewbank, who was a pioneer in hands-on mathematics learning here and started the original Math Lab in the ETC at Taylor about 40 years ago.

Our math faculty have won various teaching awards in recent school years including: Haimo MAA national teaching award, Taylor University teaching and campus leadership, School of Natural and Applied Sciences teaching award, School of Natural and Applied Sciences Distinguished professor and the Burnworth Award for outstanding teaching by a junior faculty member.  Our math faculty are serious about being the best we can be as teachers.  We take advantage of the opportunity to lead the monthly Educational Issues Seminar and are active as CTLE Fellows.

Our math classes require extensive group problem-solving projects, so the Euler math spaces like the interaction area, seminar room, computer lab, and office area all give students effective spaces to work together.  We are also very happy to have all the math faculty together for the first time, having been spread out across campus before.

The math computer lab allows individual students, groups of students, and classes of students to explore mathematical problems with the latest computer software.  It also has collaborative stations where students can work together on computer projects.  Some of our classes meet in the lab for every session, including Advanced Stats and Differential Equations, and other classes visit the lab from time to time.

The math classrooms feature state-of-the-art projection systems and seating designed to stimulate group interaction and faculty-student contact, along with plenty of white board space for posting math problems and solutions.  Almost every wall in each math classroom is filled with white boards for students to post homework problems and for faculty to use for teaching.