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Gordon Miller

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Engineering Physics Lab Manager

Office Location: Euler EU 231
Phone: (765) 998-4523
Email: grmiller@taylor.edu

Specialties: Light Emitting Diodes (LED), Switching Power Supplies, Embedded microcontrollers, Printed Wiring Boards (PCB), Optical Sensors, Magnetic Circuits, Temperature Measurement, Data Acquisition and Analysis


Major Career Accomplishments:

My career has been focused on using basic principles to design circuits and software to improve products.  As a summer intern, I rewrote service manuals for the HP 9885 disk drive and HP 9872 thermal printer.  I designed dedicated functional test equipment for the AVX series of video switchers (used as the Death Star controller in Star Wars).  I implemented limited functional testing using GenRad 2271 in circuit test equipment for magnetic swipe card readers.  I designed machine vision algorithms, interfaced PCs to multi-bus and LAN (before it was easy).  I developed process control sensors for waste water, suspended solids, pulp brightness and pulp residual chemicals.  I contributed to expanding a $40M recorder market share by 15% through product modification. I customized products for niche markets including nuclear safety, OEM, and pharmaceutical sterilization.  I increased battery lifetime by 80 % by valued added redesign of an oxygen conserver.  I redesigned the CooperLED traffic signal product line to meet TXDOT and CalTrans standards.  I specified consumer products and developed test protocols to insure safety, legality, and function of all electrical and lighting products for the largest hardware retailer in the USA.  My design integrated a standard ballast with an emergency ballast to reduce total solution cost and reduce installation errors through simplified field wiring.   I enabled multiple battery technologies through software upgrades.  In Canada, I designed a dimmable power factor corrected LED PAR lamp driver for CRS Electronics.