Richard Smith

Dr. Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies

Office Location: Reade 137
Phone: (765) 998-5251

Specialties: biblical criticism, deuteronomistic history, hebrew bible studies, hebrew prophets, integration of synchronic and diachronic approaches, methodology, old testament, pentateuchal narratives, poetic and wisdom literature



PhD, Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge (King's College), 2001
ThM, Academic Ministries: New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1996
BSA, Agriculture: Animal Sciences, University of Arkansas, 1988

Why I came to Taylor:

If I may be permitted to express it somewhat playfully, I’m at Taylor because Taylor allows me to “traffic” in the knowledge of God through a disciplined approach to scripture. As an evangelical, I like teaching in an evangelical institution of higher education where I am free to train and challenge students to take the Bible seriously as divine revelation and thus as an authoritative source for their own theological thinking (i.e. the integration of faith and learning). I believe the Lord has called me to minister at Taylor University.

How I integrate faith in the classroom:

For me, academic biblical studies and theology is all about integrating faith in the classroom.


I read a lot. And I listen to a lot of music. Most recently I was reading Alexander Rofé, Deuteronomy: Issues and Interpretation (London; New York: T&T Clark, 2002); Edwin H. Friedman, Generation to Generation: Family Process in Church and Synagogue (New York: Guilford Press, 1985); and Peter Green, Alexander to Actium: The Historical Evolution of the Hellenistic Age (Hellenistic Culture and Society 1; Berkeley: University of California Press, 1990). At the very moment of writing this, I am listening to Miles Davis, but tomorrow it might be the Allman Brothers, fond as I am of southern rock and blues. As for movies, today I watched The Magnificent Seven for the umpteenth time. Love the score. Most favorite movie is probably Jeremiah Johnson. Favorite TV show is Psych.