Matthew DeLong

Dr. Matt DeLong

Matthew DeLong

Department Chair & Professor of Mathematics

Office Location: Euler 123
Phone: (765) 998-5506

Specialties: connections between mathematics and music, knot theory research, mathematics and aesthetics, professional development of college faculty members, scholarship of teaching and learning college mathematics



Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Michigan, 1998
Dissertation Title: “Relating elliptic curves to 3-ranks of quadratic number fields,” Advisor: J.S. Milne
M.S., Mathematics, University of Michigan, 1996
B.A., Mathematics, Economics, and Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences, Northwestern University, Graduated with distinction and departmental honors, 1993

Why I came to Taylor:

I am interested in doing research with undergraduates in Knot Theory.  I am interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning college mathematics.  I am interested in the professional development of college faculty members, particularly how their teaching grows and deepens.  I am interested in the connections between mathematics and music, particularly in regards to aesthetics.

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and an evangelical church.  I came to faith in Jesus Christ at an early age, but I didn't very well "own" my faith until college.  Graduate school, life in the academy, marriage, fatherhood, losses of loved ones, domestic and overseas travel, and getting older have (along with the rest of life) been opportunities to grow in faith, trust, obedience and love of God, and especially to better understand His amazingly boundless love and grace.


I like to spend time with my wife and children, read, sing and conduct choral music, watch and be in musical theater, cook and eat, coach little league sports, and travel. I enjoy reading NT Wright (Simply Christian, Surprised by Hope, After You Believe, Scripture and the Authority of God), Scot McKnight (The Blue Parakeet, One.Life), Tim Keller (The Reason for God, King's Cross, The Prodigal God), and George MacDonald (The Princess and the Goblin, The Princess and Curdie, Lilith, The Wise Woman). I enjoy watching Pixar films, the Harry Potter series, and Friday Night Lights. In recent years, I've been on a missions trip to Haiti, done consulting work in Qatar, and did a professional exchange visit to China.