Dr. LeRoy Kroll

LeRoy Kroll

Professor of Chemistry

Office Location: Euler 338
Phone: (765) 998-5331
Email: lrkroll@tayloru.edu

Specialties: food chemistry, history of science, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, organometallic chemistry


Vitae PDF: Dr. LeRoy Kroll's Printable Vitae

Dr. LeRoy C. Kroll

Chemistry & Biochemistry Department



Lafayette College, Easton, PA
A.B., Chemistry, 1969  (Graduation with Distinction in Studies)

Michigan State University, E. Lansing, MI
Ph.D., Chemistry, 1974
Research Director: Dr. Robert H. Grubbs (currently at Cal Tech)
Thesis Title: "Polymer-Supported Catalysts"

Multnomah School of the Bible, Portland, OR
Postgraduate Certificate in Bible, 1975

University of Colorado, Boulder, CO
Postdoctoral Studies in Molybdenum-Sulfur Chemistry, 1978-79
Research Supervisor: Dr. Mary Rakowsi-DuBois



August 1975-May 1977
Head of Science Dept.; Teacher of Chemistry, Physics, and Biology
Baymonte Christian School, Scotts Valley (Santa Cruz), CA

August 1977-June 1978
Assistant Professor of Chemistry (Sabbatical Replacement)
Biola University, LaMirada, CA

September 1979-June 1984
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

June-August 1984
Muncie, Indiana
Summer Research Fellow
Ball State University

September 1984-August 1989
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Taylor University, Upland, IN

September 1989-Present
Professor of Chemistry
Taylor University, Upland, IN

May-July 1992
Summer Faculty Fellow
Ball State University

August 1988-April 1990
Adjunct Professor (taught CHE 100, "The World of Chemistry")
Indiana Univ. at Kokomo (at Logansport, Marion, Gas City)

June-July 1994
Paid consultant in Organometallics
Ball State University



American Chemical Society, member since 1969

Member of Divisions of Chemical Education and Organic Chemistry

International Union for Pure and Applied Chemistry, Associate member since 1986

National Science Teacher's Association, member since 1981

Midwest Assoc. of Chemistry Teachers at Liberal Arts Colleges (M.A.C.T.L.A.C.), member since 1979

American Scientific Affiliation, member since 1980; Fellow since 1990



Workshops and Seminars

N. S. F. Chatauqua Short Course, “Industrial Organic Chemistry", Univ. of Dayton, Nov.1981

Sixth International Conference on Chemical Education, University of Maryland, August, 1981

M.A.C.T.L.A.C.  Annual Meetings each year 1979–2000 except 1986, 1989, 1994

Attendance at American Chemical Society Nat’l. Meetings, 1983, 1984, 1990, 1991, 1995, 2002, 2003, 2005

Attendance at American Scientific Affiliation Annual Meetings, 1980, 1981, 1986, 1990, 1998

Attended joint Amer. Sci. Affil./Research Scientists Christian Fellowship Meeting at Oxford, England, 1985

Attended National Science Teacher's Assoc. National Meeting, Wash., D.C., 1987

Attendance at Chem. Conf. of North American Continent, Toronto, ONT, 1988

3-Day Training Session in Use of Analect FTIR Instruments, Orange, CA, January 1990

Twelfth Biennial Conference on Chemical Education, UC Davis, CA, August 1992

ChemEd93, Butler Univ., Indianapolis, IN, August 1993

”Meeting the Challenges” CCCU Conference at Taylor University, Oct., 1996

”Access to the Chemical Literature” discussion group leader at 1997 MACTLAC conference, Calvin College

Attended joint Amer. Sci. Affil./Christians in Science Meeting at Cambridge, England, August 1998

Invited guest at “RHG Nobel Celebration”, July 21-22, 2006 at California Institute of Technology

Papers Presented

“Blue Books and PowerPoint — Choosing the Right Tool” (invited paper) at ”Meeting the Challenges” CCCU Conference at Taylor University, Oct. 17, 1996

“The Use of Short Daily Quizzes in General Chemistry” (contributed paper) at ChemEd93, Butler Univ., Indianapolis, IN  August 1993

“Ethics as a Topic in General Chemistry” (contributed paper) at ChemEd93, Butler Univ., Indianapolis, IN  August 1993

"Synthetic Approaches to Specific Omega-Hydroxy Acyloins" at Spring, 1991 ACS National Meeting, Atlanta, GA, with Scott R. Carr and Steven C. Haase.

"Selective Synthesis of 1-Hydroxy-2-ketones from Protected Propargyl Alcohols via Hydroboration–Oxidation." at the Fall 1990 Indiana Academy of Sciences Annual Meeting, N. Manchester, IN

"A Laboratory Synthesis of Aspartame", given at the Spring 1984 A.C.S. National Meeting in St. Louis, MO,  April 1984 with Ms. Karen Inman

"Teaching the Research Process via Organic Chemistry Lab Projects" given at the Fall 1983 A.C.S. National Meeting in Washington, D.C., August, 1983

"The Only Ethical Approach to Waste Disposal", presented at the 1981 AuSable Forum of the AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies, Mancelona, MI, June 1981

"Technology: Modern Ebal or Gerezim? A Chemist's Perspective", presented at the 1980 AuSable Forum of the AuSable Institute of Environmental Studies, Mancelona, MI, June 1980



Committee Work

Member of Honors Guild Advisory Council, 2012

Member of Colleagues’ College 2012 Planning Committee (food subcommittee)

Chairman of SNAS Curriculum Management Committee, 2010-2013

Elected to Faculty Personnel Committee, 2005 -- unable to serve after two meetings due to schedule conflicts

Curriculum Management Committee, 1995-98

Chair of Technology subcommittee, 1995-96; Secretary, 1996-97; Chairman, 1997-98

Faculty Development Team, 1982-1994. Faculty Development, Interview, & Appointment Comm. 1994-95
Initiated 1986-87 Faculty Book Discussions; co-directed Faculty Forum program (1982-1985); assisted
new faculty orientation; helped plan 1984, 1985, 1989, 1993, 1995 Colleagues’  Colleges.
Chairman, 1990-92, 1994-95. Led in creation and distribution of Faculty Needs Survey in 1991.

Goal-Oriented Major Committee, 1985-1988

Campus Safety Committee 1988–92 (faculty representative)

Senior Seminar Planning Team member, 1987–91, 1995-96

Educational Programs Subcommittee, North Central Self-Study, 1984-1986: assisted in design of a
questionnaire to solicit data on current programs collected and correlated data, did drafts of final report

Honors Board, 1981-92
taught of Ways of Knowing (1980-1984), History of Science (Interterm 1987–1989); reviewed program

Faculty Personnel Committee, 1982-1984

Committee for Action on General Education, 1982-83  (full revision of Gen. Ed. program)

Alternatives Committee, 1980-82

Campus Talks and Service

Member of Honors Guild Faculty Learning Community, 2011-2012

TFT 2011 Session: “Using the Blackboard Grade Center”

Received a Taylor U. Web Challenge Grant for summer, 1997
Integration of WWW-Based Resources into General Inorganic Chemistry”

Coordinator of 1993 Colleagues’ College, “Assessment in Education”

Presented 1989 & 1990 Senior Seminar Talk on Greek & Hebrew Influences on Science

Led Colleagues' College discussion group on Nuclear Waste Disposal, 1988

Assistant Faculty Marshall, 1985-1987; Faculty Marshall, 1987-89

Faculty Forum talk, "Modern Myths and Our Environment", Fall, 1983

Colleagues' College presentation, "Surviving Future Shock", August, 1981

Coordinated/Planned Chem. portion of Annual Chem.-Physics H. S. Field Days, 1981-1993



Service at the Upland Community Church

Elder, June 1991–2003, 2005-present; secretary, 1997-2003, 2011-present

Chairman of Associate Pastor 2 Search Committee, August 2007-July 2008

Director of Men’s Ministry, 2004-present

Deacon, 1984-90 ; deacon board secretary 1986-88.

Congregational Representative, 1980-81, 1983-84

Church Chairman, 1981-83

Adult Sunday School Teacher, 1981, 1983, 1985-87, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1996, 1999, 2000-02, 2005-07

Usher, 1981-1985

Evening Nursery Worker, 1981-1985

Member of Associate Pastor Search Committee, 1986-87

Co-chairman of Senior Pastor Search Committee, 1987-88

Chairman of Senior Pastor Search Committee, 1988-89

Member of 5-Year Planning Committee, 1993-95



“Food and Chemistry: From Farm to Table”, iBook to be published electronically Spring 2013.

"Catalytic Reduction of Olefins with a Polymer-Supported Rhodium (I) Catalyst", R. H. Grubbs, L. C. Kroll, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 93 (1971) 3062.

"Selectivity of Polymer-Supported Homogeneous Catalysts", R. H. Grubbs, L. C. Kroll, Polymer Preparations, American Chemical Society Division of Polymer Chemistry, 12 (1971) 423.

"Polymer-Supported Rhodium (I) Hydrogenation Catalysts. Factors Controlling Substrate Selectivity" R. H. Grubbs, L. C. Kroll, E. M. Sweet, Journal of Macromolecular Science - Chemistry, A7 (1973) 1047.

"Activation of Homogeneous Catalysts by Polymer Attachment", R. H. Grubbs, C. Gibbons, L. C. Kroll, W. D. Bonds, Jr., C. H. Brubaker, Jr., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 95 (1973) 2373.

"Polystyrene-Attached Titanocene Species.Preparation and Reactions",W. D. Bonds, Jr., C. H. Bru­baker, Jr., E. S. Chandrasekaran, C. Gibbons, R. H. Grubbs, L. C. Kroll, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 97 (1975): 2128.

"Technology: Modern Ebal or Gerezim? A Chemist's Perspective", in The Environmental Crisis: The Ethical Dilemma, Ed. Edwin R. Squiers, Mancelona, MI, AuSable Trails Institute of Environmental Study, 1982.

"Teaching the Research Process via Organic Chemistry Lab Projects", Journal of Chemical Education, 62 (1985): 516.

Three biographical essays for the Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, Laylin K. James, Editor; part of the History of Modern Chemical Sciences series, Washington, DC.: American Chemical Society and the Chemical Heritage Foundation (published 1994): "Herbert C. Brown", "R. Bruce Merrifield", and "Georg Wittig"

“Phosphine-Nitrile Ligands: the Molecular Structure of cis-2-Diphenylphosphino-1-cyanocyclo­pentane and Studies of the Donor-Acceptor Properties of This and Related Ligands”. E.J. Fredericks, M.J. Gindling, L.C. Kroll, and B.N. Storhoff, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 465 (1994): 289