Kenneth Constantine

Dr. Ken Constantine

Kenneth Constantine

Professor of Mathematics

Office Location: Euler 125
Phone: (765) 998-4936

Specialties: statistics, analyzing data, applications of statistics


Why I love teaching at Taylor:

It’s a true privilege to mentor students at Taylor University.  My department niche is primarily in the area of Statistics – emphasizing its applications and studying its foundations.  In addition to the intellectual enjoyment this work brings, I relish the chance to help students learn about how the methods they use to analyze data can have subtle but important effects on the accuracy of their conclusions about God’s world.  That’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly!

It’s humbling to look back (ahead too!) and see God’s Grace at work in my life.  While my family offered me a strong foundation in Christian faith, I wrestled with questions about how to understand that faith while in college.  It was the incarnate faith of Christian professors and some books by C.S. Lewis that were God’s means to solidify my faith.  While I’ve not “arrived” in Christian faith, it’s now a pleasure to counsel Taylor students as their own faith develops.  My advice often seems to be, roughly, “Don’t worry, God understands; act on the faith you do have and, meanwhile, keep wrestling with your honest questions.  Seeking God is not the same as proving theorems.”


In my spare time, I enjoy reading theology and music ministry (vocal choir and bell choir) at church.  For keeping in shape, my favorite pastime is paddling a canoe.  In the falls of 2009 and 2011 I’ve paddled a 90-mile, 3-day canoe race – with my daughter in 2009 and my son in 2011.