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Jennifer Shivers

Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)
Systems Curriculum


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Assistant Professor of Computer Science & Engineering

Office Location: Euler 209

Specialties: Design Processes, Legally Binding Digital Signatures, Collaboration, Systems Analysis, Creative Problem Solving, Social Design, People-Centered Design, Project Management, Systems Development in Regulated Environments, Visual Thinking


Major Career Accomplishments:

Jennifer worked at Eli Lilly and Company for nearly 20 years.  Two of her most recent major accomplishments include:

  • Leading the company in working with other pharmaceutical companies to design and implement a legally binding digital signature solution that enabled electronic submission of FDA documents that formerly required paper signatures.  This solution was awarded an Eli Lilly Quality Advocate Award and the Lilly Research Lab's President’s Award.
  • Designing a system for tracking submissions and communications between Eli Lilly and global regulators.  Decades of data was tracked in disparate systems, spreadsheets, and the LAN and not easily searched. IT lead for analysis of the challenges in tracking and managing thousands of submissions and communications with the FDA. This solution was awarded the Eli Lilly Information Technology Solution Achievement Award.