Dr. Faye Chechowich

Faye Chechowich

Dean of Faculty Development & Professor of Christian Educational Ministries

Office Location: Ayres 205
Phone: (765) 998-4571
Email: fychechow@tayloru.edu

Specialties: center for teaching and learning excellence, factors that contribute to late life conversion, faculty development initiatives, intergenerationality in church ministry, research, teaching effectiveness


Vitae PDF: Dr. Faye Chechowich's Printable Vitae

Faye Ellen Chechowich

Taylor University
236 W. Reade Ave
Upland, Indiana 46989



Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Ph.D. in Educational Psychology
Major:  Human Development
Minor: Curriculum Studies
Dissertation: “Elders’ Perception of Change in the Spiritual Dimension of their Lives Between the Ages of 60 and 80"

Summer 1990, 2000, 03
Additional courses in Biblical Studies at Regent College, Vancouver, Jerusalem University College and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL

Taylor University, Upland, IN
B.A. Major: Christian Education

Oakland University, Rochester, MI



1974, 1988 - Cum Laude Taylor University, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

1974 - Citizenship award Taylor University

1974, 1988 - Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities - Taylor University, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

1988 - The Helen Eckman Memorial Award Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

1991 - Indiana University School of Education Fellowship Award

1996 - Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

2000 - Distinguished Professor of the Year, Taylor University

2000 - Research Grant from NAPCE to begin study “Factors that Precipitate Late-Life Conversion.”



2006-   - Dean of Faculty Development and Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence

2004-2006 - Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean of Arts and Sciences

1998-2004 - Associate Dean for the Division of Letters

1995-2004 - Director of the Taylor University Christian Educational Ministries Program



September 2004-  - Professor of Christian Educational Ministries,Taylor University

January 2004 - Visiting Professor Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

September, 1999 - 2004 - Associate Professor of Christian Education,Taylor University

September, 1992 - 1999 - Assistant Professor of Christian Education,Taylor University 

February, 1989 – 1992 - Instructor of Christian Education, Taylor University 



In Christian Education:

CED 100  Introduction to Christian Education

CED 242  Psychological and Educational Foundation for Christian Educational Ministry

CED 262  Personal Foundations for Ministry

CED 312  Evangelism in Youth Ministry

CED 351  Teaching and Learning Strategies

CED 352  Program and Curriculum Development

CED 370  Ministry Applications for Lifespan Development

CED 393  Practicum Supervision

CED 421  Philosophy and Strategies for Christian Educational Ministry

IAS  493  Senior Seminar

In Biblical Studies:

BIB 110  Biblical Literature I  (Old Testament) 

BIB 210  Biblical Literature II (New Testament) 1989-91

At Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary:  (January 2004)

EM 603   Educational Ministry with Adults

EM 703   Educational Ministry with Mature Adults                   



Book Review Editor:  Currently serving as book review editor for reviews about adult ministry for Christian Education Journal.

Book Chapter:  “Our Global Task of Fellowship – Community Life in the Body of Christ”  in Ron Habermas, An Introduction to Christian Educational Ministry and Formation.  Zondervan.  2008

Issue Editor:  Christian Education Journal “Ministry By Those and For Those Over The Age of 55.” Vol 5(2). Fall, 2008. 

     “Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Mini-Theme.” Christian Education Journal Vol 5(2). Fall, 2008. 

     “An Annotated Bibliography on the Intersection of Aging, Spirituality, Religion, and Ministry Practices.”  Christian Education Journal Vol 5(2). Fall, 2008. 

Article: Faye Chechowich, Donna Thoennes, Julie Gorman, Eileen Starr, Cheryl Fawcett, Mari Gonlag, “Women Leading Evangelical Christian Education in the Later 20th Century:  Six Women Making a Difference.”   In Christian Education Journal Series  1 (3)  6-42  Fall 2004

Contributor:   M. Anthony, J Gorman Eds. Evangelical Dictionary of Christian Education. “Aging and Ageism,” “Adult Education, ” “Widows.”  Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2001.

Book Reviews:  Aging, Spirituality, and Religion:  A Handbook.  Edited by Melvin A. Kimble, Susan H. McFadden, James W. Ellor, and James F. Seeber.  Minneapolis: Fortress 1995. Aging, Spirituality, and Religion:  A Handbook Volume 2.  Edited by Melvin A. Kimble and Susan H. McFadden.  Minneapolis:  Fortress 2003.  Reviewed in Christian Education Journal Series 3 Vol. 1 No. 3  Fall, 2004

M. Anthony, Ed.  Introducing Christian Education: Foundations for the Twenty-first Century. Reviewed in:  Christian Education Journal Vol. 6 NS No 1 (Spring 2002)

V. A. Howard and J. H. Barton, Thinking together: Making Meetings Work.  Reviewed in:  Christian Education Journal 15 (Fall, 1994): 134-136.

Contributor to:  Campus Life LUG Manual:  Sessions for Small Groups. Vols 1&2. Wheaton:  Youth for Christ, 1980.



October, 2011.  North American Professors of Christian Education.  Seattle, WA. “Ministry Majors Ending Well: How Senior Capstone Courses Can Help”

November, 2010.  Lilly Teaching Conference.  Miami University. Oxford, OH. “Evidenced Based Mentoring: Developing and Evaluating a New Faculty Mentoring Program.”  

November, 2010.  Professional and Organizational Developers Conference.  St. Louis, MO. “Gateway to a Learner-Centered Campus.  Faculty Administration Collaboration.” 

March, 2010. Midwest Scholars Conference.  Indianapolis, IN “The So-What Factor: Connecting Students to Life Implications in the General Education Core.”

October, 2009.  Lilly Teaching Conference  Miami University Oxford OH  “Creating a Learner-Centered Campus Climate: A Faculty–Administrator Dialogue.”

March, 2009.  Midwest Scholars Conference.  Indianapolis, IN  “Survival Techniques for Faculty in Doctoral Programs.”

May 2007.  SEED conference  University of Findley  Findley, Ohio.  “Faculty Development Initiatives at Taylor University.”

February, 2003.  Fort Wayne Dean’s Conference.  Fort Wayne, IN  “Is  it only in Camelot that Students Come to Class Prepared.”

April, 2000.   American Education Research Association, New Orleans, LA. with Dr. Susan Eklund, “Elder’s Perception of Change in their Spiritual Lives between the ages of 60 and 80.”

October, 1999.   North American Association of Professors of Christian Education, San Diego,CA.  “Elder’s Perception of Change in their Spiritual Lives between the Ages of 60 and 80.”



New Faculty Mentoring Programs: Assessment and Next Steps.

“Factors that Precipitate Late Life Conversion.”  I continue to have opportunities to interview senior adults who describe conversion experiences after the age of 60.  Analysis and writing is in progress.  There are consistent opportunities to present the emerging data from my study.

“Creating a Learning Centered University Environment”  Presentations and articles in process.



April 1996 – Northwestern College Iowa Student Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker

July 1998 - Indiana Yearly Meeting of Friends  “Developing Educational Ministries for Adults over 60”

August, 2000 – August, 2001 - Consultation with New Life Presbyterian Church about Youth Ministry.

June, 2001 - Association of Christians in Student Development,  Northwestern College,Orange City,IA.  with Shirley Hoogstra, J.D.  “Women’s Ways of Leading.” 

July, 2001 - Elderhostel Course, Taylor University  “The Spiritual Lives of Senior Adults.”

August, 2001 - Evangelical Mennonite Annual Conference, Upland,IN  “Building the Foundations for Women’s Ministry.”

Fall 2001 - Taylor University Student Development staff presentation.  “Applications of  Moral Development Theory.”

April, 2002 - Catch the Age Wave II Conference. Anderson,Indiana“Leading Senior Adults to Faith.”

June, 2002 - Church of God Anderson National Conference  “Leading Senior Adults to Faith.”

July, 2002 - Lutsk Bible Institute, Ukraine.  “Foundations for Teaching the Bible.”

October, 2002 - New Life Presbyterian Church Teacher Training Day  “An Introduction to Learning Styles”

October, 2002 - New Faculty Seminar Taylor University  “Understanding our Students.”

April, 2003 - Church of God regional conference keynote presenter  “Leading Senior Adults to Faith.”

August, 2003 - Taylor University Technology Conference keynote address  “Understanding Today’s Digital Students.”

August, 2003 - Taylor University Colleagues College Workshop  “Leading an Effective Discussion.”

September, 2003 - New Faculty Seminar Taylor University  “Understanding our Students.”

October, 2004 - Southport Community Church  Children’s Ministry Seminar “Joining Children on their Spiritual Journey” 

July 2005 - Church of God National Conference Anderson, Indiana  “The Faith Journey for Senior Adults.”

August, 2005 - Uptown Baptist Church  Chicago  “Creating Spaces for the Spiritual Lives of Children.”

August 2005 - Taylor University  Colleagues College Keynote Address “Engaging our Students is a Crossing Cultures Enterprise.”

November, 2005 - United Methodist Church  Archbold, Ohio Weekend Renewal Conference Speaker.

August, 2008 - Colleagues College Faculty Workshop  Taylor University.  “Best Practices for Starting and Ending the Semester Well.”

January, 2011 - Faculty Coffee Discussion  Taylor University  “Best Practices for Starting and Ending the Semester Well.”

April, 2011 - CTLE teaching workshop panelist  Taylor University  “Strategies for Assessing Group Work”

August, 2011 - Technology for Teaching Conference  Taylor University “How Can the Discussion Board, Blog and Wiki be Used to Extend the Classroom.?”

September, 2011 - Training session with discipleship coordinators.  Taylor University  “How to Guide Journaling Experiences that Foster Scripture Engagement.”



Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education  2008-          

North American Professors of Christian Education 1989-

   - Networking group facilitator 92-94

   - National board member 96-2000

   - Secretary for national board 1998-2000

Youth Ministry Educators Association  (past)

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development  (past)

American Education Research Association  (past)

Board Member for Church Growth Inc.  2001-

NAPCE Officer Nominating Committee Spring 2010



Faculty supervisor for "Summer in Singapore"  1989

Department representative on Spiritual Life Committee 1990-1991

President's Council for Advanced Planning 1993-2001

Preparing Future Faculty Task Force for Indiana University/Taylor University mentoring program 1996/97

C.S. Lewis and Friends Committee 1996-2001

Academic Council Member  1998-2006

Academic Policies Committee  2001-2004   Chair 2002-3

University Council for Assessment and Planning.  2003-2006

Faculty Personnel Committee  Ex Officio  2004-2006

Academic Dean’s Council  2006-

Provost Council 2006-

Faculty Development and Candidate Interview Committee 2006-

TU rep. of the Randall Honorary Lecture in Bio-Ethics Committee   2006-

University Planning Council  2007-

Spring Semester, 2009  Facilitate the new faculty course “Integrating Faith and Learning”

Summer course with students in South Africa  Summer 2009

Spring Semester, 2010  Facilitate the new faculty course “Integrating Faith and Learning”

Taskforce on Intentional Community (Chair)  Summer  2010

Spring Semester, 2011  Facilitate the new faculty course “Integrating Faith and Learning”

Spring Semester, 2012  Facilitate the new faculty course “Integrating Faith and Learning”



Christian College Coalition workshop “Christianity and the Liberal Arts”  Summer, 1990

Symposium on Religion and Aging  Fall, 1992

Council of Independent Colleges summer workshop “Collaborative Strategies for Student Learning”    Summer, 1993

Indiana Consortium for International Programs Forum on “The Political Future of South Africa” Spring, 1995

University of Notre Dame “Teaching Well Using Technology”   Summer, 1999

Jerusalem University College  “Physical Settings of the Bible”  Summer course  Summer, 2000

Ministry Exposure Trip to Turkey Summer, 2000

Cincinnati Council for World Affairs Conference “South Africa in the New Millennium” October 2000

Ministry Exposure Trip to former Soviet Union countries with Slavic Missionary Service Summer 2002

Coursework at Regent College/Wycliffe Hall  Summer 2003

Ministry Exposure Trip to Ireland   Summer 2003

Technology Conference  Taylor University Summer 2003

CCCU Integration of Faith and Learning conference Summer 2004

Technology Conference  Taylor University  Summer 2004

Assessment Conference  Indianapolis    Fall 2004

CIC conference  “Libraries and Information Literacy”   Fall 2005

Technology for Teaching Conference  August, 2006, 2007

Assessment Institute at IUPUI Indianapolis  October, 2007

North American Professors of Christian Education Annual Conference  October 2007

Lilly Conference on Teaching  Miami University  November, 2007

Technology for Teaching Conference  Taylor University  August 2008

Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education National Conference November, 2008 Reno, Nevada

Program Review at Wheaton College  November, 2008

Technology for Teaching Conference  Taylor University  August    2009

Assessment Institute at IUPUI  Indianapolis, October, 2009

Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education National Conference November, 2009   Houston, Texas.

Lilly Conference on Teaching Miami University, November 2009

Technology for Teaching Conference Taylor University  August 2010

CCCU  Gender Conference  October, 2010  Abilene, TX

NAPCE Conference, October 2010,  Louisville, KY

Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education National Conference November, 2010  St. Louis

Lilly Conference on Teaching  Miami University, November 2010

CIC Information Literacy Conference for Historians  (TU administrative rep.)  March, 2011  San Antonio

Technology for Teaching Conference  Taylor University August, 2011

Assessment Institute at IUPUI  Indianapolis, October, 2011

NAPCE Conference  October, 2011 Seattle WA

Lilly Conference on Teaching  Miami University November 2011



Twelve years of experience in many phases of directing, administering and training staff in youth programs in theU.S.and Africa culminating in the position of  Director of Training for Youth For Christ/Southern Africa.

Aug. 1986 -   West Africa Staff Training Conference - Accra, Ghana      

Aug. 1984 – Aug. 1986  Director of Training - Youth for Christ/Southern Africa

Sept. 1983 - Aug. 1984  Assistant to the Director of Training - Youth For Christ/Southern Africa

Aug. 1975 - July 1983   Campus Life Director/Regional Women's Coordinator - Greeley, Colorado

July 1974 - July 1975   Campus Life Staff - Denver, Colorado