Kory Browder

Kory Browder

Dance Instructor

Email: krbrowder@taylor.edu

Specialties: ballet, choreography, jazz, modern, musical theatre, tap dance


Why I came to Taylor:

Prayer and the guidance of God brought me to Taylor seven years ago. Many conversations we had included opportunity to expand my teaching ability, nurture my craft, and renew my passions. I had ended a professional career, switched to teaching evenings at a regional ballet company, guest taught at Ball State University, began raising two young children, and moved to Marion. All my goals were met at the time and I felt a little lost in my path. In my mind, I was praying for the opportunity to own a dance studio, become a professional master teacher and travel weekends, or maybe step back onto stage and reclaim my bow. Little did I know when I answered my phone one lazy August afternoon in 2007, God was answering my prayers through His will and providing me an opportunity to choreograph a musical at Taylor University with Tracy Manning. Through that experience and allowing God to lead me through His calling, many years of choreographic work, teaching, creating, developing relationships, and growing closer to God have been embraced. With a new horizon in front of me and the theatre department at Taylor University, I am ever thankful for God's grace and timing, His unconditional love and guidance, and His unwavering faith in me as His child to become a part of Taylor University and work with the many students I have the honor to encourage and influence.

Advice to incoming students:

Take a breath, a moment of solitude, and understand that this is the beginning of a new, adventurous chapter in your life. Challenges will be met, some victoriously and some quite tumultuously, but through it all, with the grace of God, you will become the beautiful version you were meant to be. Set you goals and stay true to yourself. When looking for the answer, turn to God and the guidance from professors and capable others He has put in your path. No dream is too great, although it may be met in a vision different than you had imagined. God will provide in His terms and what will make you stronger in His way. Always remember that God will answer your prayers, even if they are not in your way or timing. Enjoy the moments of each day, even if it becomes the wee hours of the morning studying for an exam or the refreshing walk across campus that reenergizes your soul. Finally, remember to take care of yourself . . . body, mind, and soul. Sleep, eat, laugh, and stay connected. All right, now you can exhale and face your new adventure.


I enjoy many moments of my life, especially those including my family and the summer months. I enjoy bike rides, hiking, playing basketball with my kids, chalk art on the sidewalk with my daughter, pool time, and quiet moments on my front porch rocker (although that may not be a hobby -- it's a favorite). When the seasons change and we are indoors more often, I turn to painting -- whether it be a room in my home or creating a self-proclaimed masterpiece -- cooking, reading biographies, family game night, and quiet moments by the fireplace. I always love the opportunity to travel and see the splendor of God's creation, make memories with my family, and soak up moments of life.