B.G. Moore

Brian Moore

Visiting Instructor/Producer

Office Location: Rupp 231A
Phone: 765-998-5280
Email: bgmoore@taylor.edu

Specialties: filmmaking, photography



M.A. in Digital Storytelling, 2013, Ball State University B.A. in Telecommunications, 2010, Ball State University

Why I came to Taylor:

I came to Taylor because of the incredible atmosphere and amazing people who attend and work here. The film program is amazing, and the resources available to students are incredible.

Advice to incoming students:

Get involved and get out of the dorms and meet people. Be social and put yourself out there. Don't be afraid to take on challenges or goals that seem too difficult to complete. Don't just be creative, be a risk-taker. These are the four quickest years of your life, so enjoy and make the most of your college experience.


Golf, traveling, following college and professional football, anything Star Wars or Batman related.