24 at TU

Visit for 24 hours

Interested? Stay a day and get an in-depth look at Taylor.

Visit Taylor and get some face time with Taylor students and faculty. Experience in person our community, our extracurricular activities and our programs. Students will spend the night in a residence hall with a Taylor student host. Events are organized to accommodate a large group of visitors and provide a comprehensive overview.

Check out this sample schedule for more information, and register today so you don’t miss this time to spend 24 hours at Taylor!

What you can expect in a day…

Academic Discovery

You will have the opportunity to attend an Academic Breakfast and Specialized Department Tour to learn more about Academic Departments.

Attend Chapel

You will experience first hand why chapel is such an important time for our community.

Other 24 Highlights...

Next Steps
Come hear about what awaits a student after matriculation and enrollment at Taylor University. Class schedules, housing, and the first year experience all included!

TU View
Be the live audience at a fast-paced talk show discussing the Taylor community from a student’s perspective. Audience participation is encouraged.

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