Tuition & Fees

How much does Taylor cost for undergraduate students?

For the 2014-2015 academic year, Taylor was able to limit our cost increase to 2.94%. Total costs for next year will increase from $36,742 to $37,821 - an adjustment of $1,079. Students enrolled full-time either fall or spring will continue to have access to the free-tuition benefit offered during January, worth approximately $3,400 (a $13,600 value over four years). The J-term program continues to be a significant value-added part of the Taylor experience, providing students with the opportunity to accelerate their degree (the average Taylor graduate finishes their degree in 3.8 years) or participate in unique global experiences. 

Below we provide a table of the breakdown of our total cost:

*Tuition $29,298  $3,400 $29,298 
Room $3,862  $484  $4,346 
Board $3,464 $473  $3,937
Fees $219 $21  $240
TOTAL $36,843  $978  **$37,821

For billing questions, contact the Bursar's Office.

Download the Cost, Tuition, and Fees Schedule for the 2014-2015 school year.

*Full-time tuition is charged to students who register for 12-17 credit hours a semester. Registering for greater than 17 hours, lab fees, private music lessons, and selected courses will incur an additional charge.

**Students should anticipate an additional $3,200 for books and miscellaneous expenses.