Honors Guild

The honors program at Taylor University has intentionally set itself apart from other honors programs by modeling itself after education in the medieval university - education that was based on unity of purpose, mentorship, and mobility.  The Honors Guild is for students and faculty who want to use critical thinking abilities in a holistic way, connecting research with practice, scholarship with service, and thoughtful study with meaningful social action.

At Taylor, these traits are already celebrated in our core attributes of intentional community, relentless discovery, and global engagement.  Designed to promote these core attributes, the Honors Guild functions as a microcosm of the rest of campus.  Honors Guild students complement and enhance the already-vibrant initiatives and community at Taylor by focusing on and investing in key themes of scholarly research, community life, spiritual vitality, and global literacy.

Students admitted into the Honors Guild become Ockenga Honors Scholars and seek to carry on the legacy and reputation of Dr. Harold Ockenga , a distinguished alumnus whose pursuit of personal holiness, commitment to global mission, and insistence that ideas shape behaviors represent the core values of the Honors Guild.

Like the guilds of old, we believe that the best learning happens only in a close community of learners.  To reflect that belief, the Honors Guild emphasizes a "cohort" model of education: incoming Ockenga Scholars all take Foundations of Christian Thought together and continue to interact with their classmates over the next four years.  The Scriptures tell us that iron sharpens iron, and experience tells us that students teach students.  The close relationships that result from participation with fellow students encourage our Ockenga Scholars to challenge each other in the mutual pursuit of excellence.

Why join the Honors Guild?  Among a variety of benefits include the use of the Honors Lodge, where students can study, do research, relax, and interact in exclusive conversations over coffee with "scholars-in-residence."  Additionally, there are opportunities to engage in more intense and challenging academic classes with mentors committed to walking with you as you learn, helping you to push yourself to excellence in both individual and collaborative projects.  Finally, the global focus of the Honors Guild will emphasize travel-based courses to destinations like Northern Ireland.  These trips with other Ockenga Scholars and faculty afford students the opportunity to learn about topics and issues in the context of a worldwide classroom.

Interested?  Review the admissions requirements, fill out an application to the Honors Guild, and pursue your purpose and calling to Kingdom service knowing that you are joining a community of believers which will encourage you towards even greater commitment to intellectual vitality. 

Have questions?  Contact Jennifer Moeschberger, Director of Taylor University Honors Guild programming, for more information.