Admissions FISP

Freshman Irish Studies Program Faculty and Staff

Dr. Vance Maloney (Contemporary Ireland)
Professor of Psychology and Director of the Irish Studies Program
Office Phone:  765.998.5345
Home Phone:  765.998.2087
Ms. Jennifer Lewis (Living Cross-Culturally)
Chaplain and Lecturer of Irish Studies
Dr. Mark Cosgrove (Foundations of Christian Thought)
Professor and Chair of Psychology
Office Phone:  765.998.5398
Dr. Thomas Jones (Irish History)
Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Professor of History
Office Phone:  765.998.5588
Dr. Jessica Rousselow-Winquist (Art as Experience)
Professor and Chair of Communication Arts
Office Phone:  765.998.5280
Dr. Alan Winquist (Art as Experience)
Professor of History
Office Phone:  765.998.5302

Dr. Robert Armstrong (Irish History Lecturer) 
Head of Department, Senior Lecturer in History, Trinity College Dublin