You know the story: Peter standing hesitantly in a wooden fishing boat, wind whipping through his hair, waves splashing against the side, noise, confusion, fear. Jesus says “Come,” and in the midst of that confusion, Peter takes a step out of the boat, onto the water, and toward his friend.

As you prepare to make your college decision, you have your own set of wind and waves:

Where are you going to college?
What’s your major going to be?
How are you ever going to afford it?

And in the midst of this noise and confusion you look to Jesus for some kind of direction. If you are able to avoid the distractions and listen carefully, you will hear Him tell you not where to go, but where to come. You see, as Christians, our direction is always the same—not toward an education, career, or personal goals, but beyond all of these things toward Jesus.

An education that matters is one that extends beyond the four years. One that educates the mind, while challenging you to find calling and purpose. So fill out your application and schedule your visit, but make sure that you get beyond the voices that are telling you where to go and listen to the voice that tells you where to come.

For now, we encourage you to begin like Peter . . . with just a step.