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Sociology Degrees and Majors

As a sociology student, you may choose to pursue either a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science/Systems degree. You will also select from one of four tracks: Family Studies; Communities, Societies, and Social Justice; Criminal Justice; and Sociological Studies. Each track allows you to focus on the areas and aspects of sociology you find most interesting.  

The Family Studies track focuses on human behavior through the family life cycle and offers classes in psychology and social work along with sociology. Consider this track if you are interested in working with families through churches or social service agencies.

The Communities, Societies and Social Justice track offers the opportunity to learn about community and urban life through class study and field experiences. You will also study the way material resources and social advantages are distributed and made accessible in society. If you wish to gain a deeper understanding of these areas and what ways the gospel calls for social action, this is the track for you.

The Criminal Justice track works in conjunction with TU Online. Our Criminal Justice track is designed for those interested in criminal justice, probation/parole, corrections, restorative justice, and law enforcement. You will complete the major requirements in sociology, including 4-6 online justice courses.

The Sociological Studies track is a traditional sociology major allowing you to maintain greater flexibility in your course scheduling and maximize the sociological focus of your studies. If you are interested in pursuing graduate work in sociology or having greater flexibility in course scheduling you might be particularly interested in this track.

Choose to add a Sociology minor to your degree.