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Why Study Psychology at Taylor University?

Taylor has a distinct psychology program because we purposefully and intentionally integrate Christianity and psychology. Our psychology faculty takes on the science of psychology and the struggles with morality in the world today while standing on the truth and preparing you to do the same.

Additionally, we offer diverse courses because of the varied interests and experiences of our faculty ranging from studying adolescents and digital media, to sex trafficking and peace and reconciliation efforts in South Africa. As well as experiences in sports psychology and educational psychology, even to market research and systems. No matter your interest, our faculty can help you grow and apply your passion and knowledge wherever God is calling you.

What professional development opportunities are available outside the classroom?

Our program is based on professional growth and hands-on education. Taylor has three approaches to this:

  • Practicum experience: You must participate in a practicum associated with psychology, whether it’s in a hospital, clinic, a camp or somewhere else.
  • Research experience: Our students get the change to work with a professor and a small team on a research project. The work begins with a literature search and ends with a professional presentation (see recent research endeavors below).
  • Intercultural experience: We have professors who take students to Dublin, Ireland, to study those with HIV/AIDS. Other faculty members take students to the Bahamas to study leadership and mental health. Other trips include South Africa for projects associated with peace and reconciliation, or to the inter-city community to study the needs in education.

We also have a thriving Psychology Club where both faculty and students work together to provide meaningful experiences.

What type of research projects might I get to participate in while I am a Taylor student?

Below you can find just a few examples of the kinds of psychology student directed research projects you can do if you come to Taylor:

  • Children’s concept of God
  • Critical thinking development
  • Intercultural development
  • Laura’s Home
  • Peace and reconciliation
  • The effects of Christian meditation and exercise on physical and mental health outcomes
  • The impact of sex trafficking
  • What teenagers who have diabetes post on YouTube

Students also get to present their research at conferences, and several students have won cash awards for their poster presentations.