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Business Degrees & Majors

What business degree is right for you? Check out the descriptions and information below. Still have questions? Contact Dr. Belcher today!

Accounting: BA or BS or Systems BS

Master the art of preparing and interpreting financial data for managers, investors and the general public as you train in our accounting program for careers in public accounting, business, government, education or nonprofit organizations. A Bachelor of Science is a more involved treatment of accounting theory and practice, focused on preparing for the certified public or certified management accounting exams.

Developmental Economics: BA or Systems BS

Developmental economics enables students to work to relieve poverty within the Developing World. These courses are geared towards “first world” business, governmental or financial applications. Students will have experienced life within the developing world so they can see the need for and find opportunities to aid persons in such countries. Students will have an understanding of the tools and systems that will enable them to make an impact on improving living standards within the developing world, and to do so from a Christian perspective. Students will participate in practicums, providing them with hands-on experience with agencies and non-governmental organizations presently working in this field.

Economics: BA or Systems BS

Within our economics major, you will study decisions involving moving people, capital, and goods in the economy. It is great for careers in business, government, public affairs or missions.

Finance: BS

Get a firm foundation in the principles of financial decision-making in organizations by studying finance at Taylor. You'll have the opportunity to manage real money as well as take a course to earn your Series 7 license. This major is designed for careers in banking, insurance, government, real estate, financial planning or charitable organizations. It is also a great fit for graduate study in law or business.

International Business: BA or Systems BS

Our international business degree will help you understand the global nature of business as you prepare for positions with multinational businesses, global missions, or charitable organizations. Combine a solid foundation of general business courses (accounting, finance, marketing, management, and economics) with upper-level business courses needed in international settings. Both the BA and BS options require a language, but the BS option develops additional technical skills. A study abroad experience is required.

Management: BA or Systems BS

Take advantage of this broad-based business curriculum, which focuses on entrepreneurship and human resources issues. Our management degree can lead to careers in logistics, retail management, human resource management, or even a host of entrepreneurial ventures.

Marketing: BA or Systems BS

Become equipped through our marketing major to create, communicate, and deliver value to customers, and manage relationships in ways that benefit organizations and stakeholders. It is a perfect foundation for sales, advertising, retailing, purchasing, brand management, customer relations or market research.

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