Systems Curriculum

Analysis, information technology, quality management & operations

The four major themes of the curriculum are: Analysis, Information Technology, Quality Management and Operations. The systems curriculum replaces the foreign language requirements of the Bachelor of Arts degree. The net impact of adding the systems curriculum is no more than 36 credit hours and is likely less depending on major.

Faculty from the Computer Science & Engineering department primarily teach the curriculum. However, the systems curriculum is not a minor in computer science. There are 14 total credit hours of information technology: programming, database, and design. Information technology is a major theme because behind any major system, like supply chain, there is invariably an information system. The goal is to graduate students who understand information technology in order to be able to solve real world problems.

The systems curriculum complements your major with systems training. For example, an art major who adds the systems curriculum will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Art/Systems instead of a Bachelor of Arts in art.

Systems Curriculum Requirements (.pdf)