Mathematics – Interdisciplinary, BS
If you enjoy solving problems and like to understand how things connect, consider the Mathematics – Interdisciplinary major. In this major, you will follow your curiosity by exploring multiple interests through a mathematics major and an associated minor or second major. Your education in mathematical concepts and tools strengthens your problem-solving abilities, and your second area of study enables you to utilize them in a related area of interest. Mathematics – Interdisciplinary majors may choose any of the following as their secondary discipline: accounting, biology, chemistry, computer engineering, computer science, economics, engineering, environmental science, finance, or physics.

Mathematics Education, BS
Secondary mathematics teachers are in high demand, and studying mathematics education prepares students to teach at either the middle school or high school level. Students must complete a semester of student teaching.

Mathematics, BABS
Go deeper into mathematics, developing your understanding of calculus, statistics, and mathematical applications. The Bachelor of Arts option prepares students for graduate study in mathematics and other fields. Taylor graduates have attended graduate school for mathematics, computer science, and physics, as well as law school, medical school, and seminary. This option requires a foreign language. The Bachelor of Science option pairs mathematics requirements with Taylor's systems curriculum and requires a practicum. This degree can lead to careers in actuarial science and statistics, among others.


Minor in mathematics to develop your understanding of complex mathematical concepts and strengthen your analytic and problem solving skills.