Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)


Computer Science, BA & BS
The computer science major challenges students to solve real-world problems with technology solutions. Computer science students may choose to concentrate on cybersecurity.

The Bachelor of Arts option is designed to provide a solid background in the field for those wishing to immediately enter a career in computer science or related fields. Two Bachelor of Science options exist. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science includes additional theory and research courses for students wishing to pursue graduate study in computer science, while the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Systems adds the systems curriculum to existing BA degree requirements.

Computer Science/Digital Media, BA & BS
Computer science/digital media is an interdisciplinary major offered by the Computer Science and Engineering, Media Communication, and Art Departments. This degree is a hybrid of logic, communication, and the art of design. The Bachelor of Arts option prepares students in the use of digital tools in the creative arts with a Computer Science understanding. The Bachelor of Science option adds the systems curriculum.

Computer Engineering, BS
Taylor's ABET-accredited computer engineering program is an interdisciplinary major offered jointly by the Computer Science and Engineering, and Physics departments. The major prepares students for computer engineering jobs and/or graduate programs involving robotics, biomedical implants, small instrumentation, telecommunications, supervisory control, data acquisition systems, and other complex hardware-software systems.

Systems Engineering, BS
A systems engineer determines the most effective ways to combine the basic factors of supply chain—people, machines, materials, information, and energy—to make a product or provide a service. You will learn how to increase productivity by improving processes, management, methods of business organization, and technology. Systems Engineering focuses on defining customer needs and the necessary functions while considering the complete problem. 

CSE Minor

Computer Science
With 25 credit hours in computer science and systems, a student can supplement a major in another field with a minor in computer science.