Chemistry & Biochemistry


Chemistry, BA & BS
Taylor's chemistry major provides students with a deep knowledge of all major areas of chemistry. A pre-medicine concentration is available to students interested in medicine, nutrition, or dental care. Through extensive lab experience, students learn chemistry's practical applications and are prepared for further study at the graduate level or employment in a variety of chemistry fields. Learn more.

Biochemistry, BS
Taylor's biochemistry major teaches students the ins and outs of a fascinating crossover field. The science of chemical processes within living organisms, biochemistry provides the scientific knowledge and understanding necessary to pursue jobs in the fields of agriculture, toxicology, and medicine, among others. Students in this major take a host of chemistry and biochemistry classes, and are recommended to take additional classes in genetics and microbiology. Learn more.

Chemistry-Environmental Science, BS
Our integrated chemistry and environmental science major has a strong emphasis on the physical aspects of environmental studies, combining major chemistry classes with several environmental science classes. Students in this major are well-prepared for careers in environmental research or industrial/municipal environmental monitoring and control. Learn more.

Chemistry Education, BS
Middle and high school chemistry teachers are in high demand. Taylor's chemistry education degree will prepare you to teach chemistry in secondary schools. To fulfill requirements for your teacher certification, you will spend a semester your senior year student teaching in middle and high school classroomsLearn more.


Strengthen your understanding of chemistry and its applications to daily life with a chemistry minor. This minor is especially valuable to public health, environmental science, exercise science, and psychology majors.