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What biology program best fits your passion and interests? We strongly suggest you come visit with us so you can see our new Euler Science Complex and talk with us about your future.

Until then, read about our majors and their distinctive tracks you can choose based on your personal interest.

Biology Majors

Within the biology major, four distinct advising tracks are available depending on your career interest. No matter what track you choose, you’ll complete two years of introductory courses in cell biology, plant, animal, genetics and ecology to build a strong science foundation before choosing an area of specialization.

Allied Health

With a strong science background and a broad, liberal arts base, you’ll be well prepared to take the next step toward your allied health career goals. We have excellent training for physical therapy, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, chiropractors, optometry, public health and more. Practicum or directed research experience required to graduate.

Biologist: Field Biologist to Research

Develop the problem solving, analytical, hands on investigative side of biology that works on the cutting edge of science. This degree prepares you to work in the cell biology areas like molecular genetics, cell and molecular biology, stem cells, microbiology; or in the macro biological areas like ecology, nutrition, physiology or field biology to name a few. Gain experiences in biotechnology and become lab proficient. Most students go on to graduate schools to gain valued proficiencies in these listed fields and many others.


Get the well-rounded liberal arts education today’s medical schools are looking for. Combine the pre-med concentration with a major in biology, chemistry or psychology. Our pre-med program provides ideal undergraduate training for physicians, dentists and veterinarians. Field experience is required and Taylor offers many ways to get it whether in the states or around the world. You can participate in an overseas medical semester in Ecuador, learning to be medically conversant in Spanish. An internship in medical research at Mayo is also available. To be considered for medical school, you’ll need to maintain a minimum 3.6 GPA and score well on the MCAT; and we provide help in preparing for the MCAT.

Biology Science Education

With this major, you can earn a degree in both biology and in secondary education. This dual program provides much needed flexibility and excellence in science education. Students are highly prepared in biology and address the societal impacts a biologist has in this modern world. Students are highly prepared in the area of education and are highly sought by schools worldwide.

Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Bachelor of Science Degrees