Professional Writing

Why study professional writing at Taylor?

The success of our professional writing major is based on the diversity of our writing courses, real-world experience of becoming published writers while students, connections with leading authors and publishers, and training by professors who are successful authors.

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What can the Taylor professional writing major provide for me that no other college writing program can match?

We have had numerous famous authors visit Taylor to teach or do guest speaking engagements. These authors include:

What internship opportunities are available for professional writing students?

Professional writing students are required to participate in a practicum. Here are a few internships students have been involved in during their time at Taylor:

  • Focus on the Family in Colorado doing writing and editing
  • Taylor’s Fort Wayne Alumni Center writing for their newsletter and magazine as well as online news articles
  • Investigative Reporting Intern for City Limits in New York City
  • Public Relations/marketing Intern for Smithy Center for the Arts
  • Fox 29 News in Philadelphia
  • Intern for author Tricia Goyer 
  • Editorial Intern for FamilyLife 

Can Professional Writing majors at Taylor expect to land book contracts while still in college?

During the 2011 calendar year, 17 Taylor PWR students became authors, coauthors, or contributing authors of 25 published books.

Amy Green’s two fantasy novels, Quest for the Scorpion’s Jewel and Escape from Riddler’s Pass, were published in June of 2011 by Warner Press when Amy was only 19 years old. She received a $2,200 advance, and she is now working on the next three novels in this series.

Six students also sold multiple chapters to the latest Chicken Soup for the Soul books and Matt Mimnaugh’s novel was released in February of 2011.

Do Taylor PWR majors gain national fame even while still in college?

Yes! In the fall of 2011, for example, 14 PWR majors appeared on six TV talk shows and five radio talk shows and then were featured in 10 major newspapers and magazines. (View excerpts of these recorded interviews.)

What national mentoring opportunities are Taylor PWR majors exposed to?

In June 2011, Kara Hackett and Ryan Dennison won full scholarships (tuition, meals, lodging) to the five-day “Write to Publish” conference in Chicago. During the conference, they studied under and networked with more than 50 editors, agents, and publishers.

In October 2011, 16 PWR majors also received scholarships to attend the “Indy Writers Conference” at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Indianapolis, where they spent the whole day networking with professional authors, publicists, literary agents, and publishing company executives. Additionally, six editors and three literary agents made guest speaking appearances in PWR writing classes at Taylor in the fall 2011 semester.

Is the cost of attending Taylor for a bachelor’s degree in professional writing (PWR) worth the time and expense?

Yes, for at least five reasons:

  1. You will get real world experience by doing a 160-hour practicum working for a magazine, PR firm, literary agency, or book publishing house.
  2. You will earn cash payments for manuscripts you write in class, which you will sell during your four years of college.
  3. You will graduate with a full portfolio of published manuscripts establishing you immediately as a working, professional writer. 
  4. You’ll have a Bachelor of Science degree from a well-established university making entrance into graduate school much easier.
  5. Entry-level jobs in the field of publishing range from $28,000 to $35,000 per year, plus benefits.