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Listed below are the options for a Philosophy major and minor, and an Ethics minor. You may also choose a double major with Philosophy and another subject like Political Science, History, Art, Pre-Med, Business or others. Additionally, you can decide to earn a Philosophy Major with a minor from another field. Have questions? Please contact us today or better yet, setup a time to visit with us face-to-face.

Philosophy Degrees

Philosophy Major

30 hours (minimum) in philosophy, choosing from courses such as Contemporary Issues, History of Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Religion, and World Religions.

Philosophy & Systems

If you are looking to add more analysis skills to your Philosophy Major, check out the Systems Curriculum for more information on adding Systems to your major.

Philosophy Minors

Philosophy Minor

16 hours (minimum) of training in philosophy, selecting from these same courses.

Ethics Minor

A minimum of 18 hours of ethics courses, with a number of interdisciplinary options such as Bioethics, Business Ethics, and Ethics in Psychology.