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Geography encompasses history and science. Studying geography equips students with the knowledge and understanding of physical, cultural, political, and economical realities of today’s world. Geography can teach how people, places, and environments are all connected.

Degrees & Majors

Geography BA Major

Our Geography major integrates 46 credit hours of history and environmental science courses along with a core set of geography courses to create a perfect major for someone who is fascinated by our earth.

Geography Minor

A geography minor is a popular addition to a number of majors. It can focus more towards history or environmental science and requires 16 credit hours.

Why Study Geography at Taylor?

Taylor is one of the few Christian colleges offering a geography major, making it extremely unique. To be good stewards of our earth, we need to know cultural and historical backgrounds, as well as knowing how to take care of our environment.

What type of student would ideally suit Taylor’s Geography Department?

If you are interested in growing spiritually, while learning about our world through culture, history or science, you would make an ideal geography student.

Will I have the opportunity to study abroad while in the program?

Because of geography’s unique course requirements, there are numerous opportunities to study away from Taylor through the environmental science and history courses that are required for a geography major.

Graduate & Careers

Because geography is interdisciplinary, our graduating students have numerous options for geography jobs. These include:

  • Agricultural Researcher
  • Community Developer
  • Demographer
  • Economic Advisor
  • Educator
  • Emergency Management
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Meteorologist
  • Natural Disaster Expert
  • Navigator
  • Park Ranger
  • Peace Corps
  • Photographer
  • Tour Guide
  • Transportation Manager
  • Travel Agent
  • US Geological Surveyor
  • Writer/Editor

Attending graduate school is also a great way to enrich your learning and improve your skills through your geography degree from Taylor.

Faculty & Staff

Roger Jenkinson

Dr. Roger Jenkinson
Geography Department Chair & Professor of Geography
(765) 998-5323

Rebecca Taylor

Becky Taylor
Program Assistant for Earth & Environmental Sciences & Geography
(765) 998-4960