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History Degrees and Majors

Within the History Department, you can choose from several degrees depending on your individual goals and interests.

Bachelor of Arts Degree:

Our History major focuses on the study of American and World History. It requires 36 credit hours choosing from among a variety of history courses.

Our International Studies major focuses on the study of the 21st Century world and the refining effects it has on us. It requires 40-45 credit hours and allows you to choose from a variety of concentrations.

Bachelor of Science Degree:

History / Systems includes several systems courses that will broaden both your understanding and marketability. It requires 36 credit hours with the History Department and 40 credits from the Systems Curriculum as well as a practicum.

Our International Studies / Systems major includes several systems courses expanding your knowledge, understanding and marketability for international studies, in addition to the 40-45 credit hours through the History Department.

Social Studies Education equips you for a career in teaching at the middle school or high school level. It requires 55-56 credit hours as well as professional education courses.


History: Requires 20 credit hours and can complement a variety of majors.

International Studies: Requires 25-28 credit hours and can complement many majors.