Kate GillilandI transferred to Taylor my junior year, and majored in Communication Studies. Taylor was the first place I learned the core fundamentals of the Christian faith. I attended public school before this, separating secular education from the sacredness of faith. But I quickly came to realize that everything, including education, is sacred. I was enormously impacted by experiencing real Christian community for the first time-- living, working and studying with like-minded people.

When I graduated, I struggled to find a job amidst a horrible market in California.  During that humbling and rough transition time, the thing I held on to was the model of day-to-day living so evident in the Taylor community. Now, I am blessed to work at an amazing non-profit organization called Krochet Kids International, where we work with women in Uganda and Peru, teaching them to create products that are sold worldwide, providing jobs and sustainable development programs.

The biggest impact Taylor had on me was challenging the way that I think while preparing me for Christian living. I am so blessed to have gone to Taylor and will forever be impacted by my time there.

~ Kate Gilliland '09