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Prepared through academics, relationship and discipleship

Do you feel the most alive when you are serving others in the church, at a camp, or through another church related outreach program? Have ministry leaders encouraged you in your passion to learn more about the Bible and serve? If so, you should consider a degree in Christian Educational Ministries (CEM) from Taylor University.

Taylor’s CEM professors prepare you for multiple ministry settings by focusing not just on academics, but on relationships and discipleship application. Our faculty pours into you and invests in you. You will have the opportunity to be highly involved in ministries on and off campus, working with faculty and peers to serve those in our local and global communities. During a two-week Capstone trip with a CEM professor, you’ll visit a major metropolitan area to see effective ministry sites and have access to our experts in scripture engagement. These opportunities provide unique training and research opportunities.

Graduates from the CEM department have pursued a variety of careers and many different graduate schools in effort to follow the call God has for each of their lives.

Take a Closer Look

Dr. Mike Severe talks about the distinctives of Taylor’s CE program.

Would you like to learn more about our program? Check out our degrees and majors, or better yet, schedule a campus visit and see for yourself what our program and university has to offer.

Watch as Dr. Mike Severe, Assistant Professor of Christian Educational Ministries, talks about the distinctives of Taylor’s CEM program, which include students, the faculty’s dedication, the academically rigorous nature of the program and all the opportunities you will have to live and learn on campus and abroad (like Ireland and Jerusalem).


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