Biblical Studies

Why study biblical studies at Taylor?

At Taylor, we seek to prepare you for your next four years. We are looking at the impact you can make for God’s kingdom in your next 40+ years. In our Biblical Studies department, this is emphasized by the focus our faculty places on helping you develop your critical thinking skills as you strengthen your faith.

Dr. Michael HarbinDr. Michael Harbin, a retired Captain in the U.S. Navy, is Chair of the Biblical Studies, Christian Education Ministries, and Philosophy departments. Here he answers frequently asked questions about Biblical Studies. Don’t see an answer to your question? Contact Dr. Harbin today or come for a visit!

What can I do with a Bible major?

The most obvious answer is you can become a pastor or a missionary, but our graduates enter a wide variety of fields.

What can I do with a liberal arts education?

A recent survey (AAC&U survey from the winter 2010) of various employers found the following items as areas employers believe a college education should emphasize. All of them are key components of a liberal arts education and integral to the Biblical Studies majors at Taylor.

  1. Written and oral communication
  2. Critical and analytical thinking
  3. Applied knowledge in real-world settings
  4. Complex problem solving
  5. Ethical decision making

Where does a Bible major fit if I want to study something else?

Our Bible major is designed so you can work toward a second major in a number of different areas, allowing you to go into a variety of fields after graduation. Taylor believes a truly educated person is one who knows and understands the Bible as a foundation for the rest of life. The better your understanding of the Bible, the more solid your foundation. While our general education program provides the basics, our Bible major helps you in whatever career path you may choose to follow, to be better prepared to face this broken world.

A few other reasons to study biblical studies at Taylor:

  • Scholarly and committed faculty: Our entire departmental faculty is committed to a high view of Scripture. They are dedicated to providing the best possible education to you, whether in general education courses or in major courses. They are also active in research. The faculty has published a variety books ranging from textbooks and faith-building books to in-depth scholarly reference works. They have published numerous articles in scholarly journals such as Tyndale Bulletin or Philosophia Christi, as well as key magazines like Christianity Today.  
  • Strong biblical languages programs: You can use either Greek or Hebrew to meet the BA foreign language requirement. You can add a minor in biblical languages to any major and taking two years of either language almost always validates at least one year of the language in a seminary program.
  • Taylor World Outreach (TWO): TWO organizes short-term missions opportunities during January called Lighthouse trips, as well as mission trips during Spring Break.
  • Travel Opportunities: Check out biblical studies' travel opportunities and get more information on the opportunities you can have for global engagement at Taylor.