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Why Study Art at Taylor University?

At Taylor, we are intentionally focused on your success, not just in the classroom but also in your personal and spiritual life. We provide professional development opportunitiesexcellent facilities and qualified faculty and staff. as well as a unique environment in which you can explore your faith and its impact on your chosen field of study. We strive to invest in your development as an artist and a person in order to prepare you for whatever lies ahead.

How does a Taylor art degree compare with a degree from a traditional art school?

Our students successfully compete with art school graduates going into high profile positions and top graduate schools. At Taylor, you not only receive an education in the visual and design arts but also an education in the liberal arts. We believe by challenging you in all areas of learning, we provide a distinct advantage in the marketplace while also enriching your worldview and faith perspective.

What makes Taylor’s art program and liberal arts education unique?

While we pride ourselves in our professional and experienced faculty and state of the art facilities, one of the most unique aspects of Taylor’s art program is the community we strive to create for you as well as ourselves. You will have opportunities to experience the art world outside of the classroom through varied art exhibitions with outstanding artists in your field as well as displaying your own work in juried student exhibitions.

We encourage professional design memberships, portfolio development, conferences, field trips and career symposiums. Groups of majors often attend First Fridays at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, offering an opportunity for fellowship as well as exposure to new exhibits. Drawing/Sculpture “lock ins” provide opportunities for you to step out of your art making comfort zones. Outside of our community on campus, we also offer several travel opportunities including semesters in Italy, Australia and New York City.

What types of facilities does Taylor’s Art Department offer for student use?

Taylor’s Art Department is housed in the 38,000 square foot Modelle Metcalf Visual Arts Center. The center provides a variety of classrooms and workspaces for drawing, painting, printmaking, graphic design, photography, sculpture, ceramics, and jewelry making. It also contains a state-of-the-art Mac lab and audio-visual classrooms, a secure gallery and showing spaces.

What opportunities does Taylor offer for those interested in art education?

Our art education majors are involved in several community programs. Some of these include After School Art, Summer Fine Art Camp as well as private art lessons with children in the community. Community art service is required and offers you a chance to use your artistic skills to give back to the local community. Experiences range from teaching art lessons to at-risk students, working with local school programs to providing art activities for various school functions and painting murals on various buildings in the downtown Upland area.