Modelle Metcalf Visual Arts Center

The Modelle Metcalf Visual Arts Center is where faith meets expression. Where students spend hours turning dust and sweat into works of art. 

At 38,000 square feet, the building boasts classrooms and workspaces, two different gallery spaces for both professional and student art shows, a lecture hall, and ample space for critiquing works displayed in the hallways. Naturally lit classrooms have storage spaces for student artwork and the option of directed spot lighting.

Equipped with all of the necessary tools for a variety of mediums, Metcalf has you covered whether your passion is woodworking, graphic design, sculpture, or portrait photography.

What you'll find in the art building

2D Art

Metcalf is fully equipped for 2D artistic expression with studios for painting and drawing, including easels and art horses.

Other features

  • A printmaking room for lithography, intaglio, relief printing, and screen printing
  • Stone plates and acid bath for etching

3D Art

With different classrooms dedicated to sculpture, ceramics, and metals, Metcalf's 3D facilities are cutting-edge—and we're not just talking about our high-quality table saws. An outdoor sculpture yard has wood, gas, and raku kilns for pottery and ceramics.

Other features

  • Every necessary sculpture tool including: jigsaws, chop saws, drill presses, planers, joiners
  • A foundry for bronze and aluminum casting
  • Crucible for heavy duty casting
  • 1 manual and 18 electric wheels for throwing pottery
  • A chemical room with ceramic glazes
  • Torches for welding and brazing


For students interested in photography and graphic design, Metcalf features a Mac Lab with 21 iMacs and 7 Wacom Cintiq tablets, allowing art majors to draw and paint without a canvas. Metcalf also features a photo studio for product photography and portraiture, including a large format camera.

Other features

  • Adobe CC program on every iMac
  • Corel Painter software
  • A printing room with high-end inkjets and laser printers
  • A photography wet lab with processing room and dark room
  • A spray booth for finishes or spray mounting

Art Education

A specialized classroom reserved for art education majors is utilized for after-school art classes with local elementary school students.