All art students take courses within a common Art Core. These courses build a solid foundation in drawing, two-dimensional design, three-dimensional design, art history, and faith integration for the rest of the art program. The core prepares students to branch out into more specific areas of study.

Art Education, BS
The art education major is designed to prepare students to acquire their teaching certification in art. The major requires professional education and art courses which help you grow as both an artist and a teacher. Learn more.

Graphic Art, BA & BS
Graphic art touches nearly everything we buy, read, wear, ride, and eat. Whether in print or online, strong and effective visual communicators are always in demand. Taylor's courses require experimentation and hands-on work as you put theories into action. You'll develop expertise in Adobe Creative Suite and learn to build a professional practice and portfolio as you use art to effectively communicate messages, stories, and ideas.

Every graphic art student chooses one of the following concentrations:

  • Design: typography, editorial design, layout, prepress, branding, packaging design, web design, and web animation
  • Illustration: drawing, painting, storyboarding, visual voice, character development, and visual narrative
  • Photography: photojournalism, portraiture, product and food photography, photo illustration, and experimental photography

Learn more about Graphic Art at Taylor.

Studio Art, BA & BS
Explore 2-D and 3-D mediums, from printmaking, painting, drawing, and photography to sculpture, ceramics, metalworking, and woodworking. The studio art major is designed for fluidity, so you can experiment with a variety of mediums and develop your artistic voice. In addition to studying and practicing art, you'll be introduced to the world of art exhibitions, galleries, and commission work as you share your artwork outside of the studioLearn more.

Pre-Art Therapy, BA & BS
Build a foundation in both psychology and art, while learning about the therapeutic uses of art. Pre-art therapy is a pre-professional degree that will prepare you for a graduate program in art therapy through courses in psychology, art, and art education. You'll gain hands-on experience with artistic mediums that can be used anywhere (drawing, painting, ceramics, etc.) while learning how to teach art techniques and taking psychology courses that cover everything from personality and abnormal psychology to development over a life span. Learn more.

A concentration in visual arts is also available with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.


Studio Art
Learn the basics of different concentrations of art through our studio art minor.

Art History
Art history provides context for the way we view art today. Learn how our culture has been formed by artists before our time through Taylor’s art history minor.

If you love photography but plan to major in another area, consider a photography minor. Required courses cover the fundamentals of photography and how to use digital tools.