Art, BA & BS
Expand your knowledge of the art world and strengthen your creative skills by majoring in art. The Bachelor of Arts degree requires a foreign language. The Bachelor of Science degree pairs the art major with Taylor's systems curriculum. Both degrees offer concentrations in the following areas:

  • 2D Studio Art
  • 3D Studio Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography

Art Education, BS
The art education major is designed to prepare students to acquire their teaching certification in art. The major requires professional education and art courses, making way for you to grow both as an artist and as a teacher.

A concentration in visual arts is also available with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.


Studio Art
Learn the basics of different concentrations of art through our studio art minor.

Art History
Art history provides context for the way we view art today. Learn how our culture has been formed by artists before our time through Taylor’s art history minor.

If you love photography but plan to major in another area, consider a photography minor. Required courses cover the fundamentals of photography and how to use digital tools.