LCC International University

LCC International University (LCC), located in the beautiful port city of Klaipéda, Lithuania, offers a one-semester study abroad program. Students live in two-room suites with three international roommates. 

Students have the opportunity to earn 12-15 academic credit hours while immersed in the culture of this country that is rarely explored by North Americans.

General education courses are available in:

  • Bible
  • Composition
  • Fine arts
  • Geography
  • History
  • Literature
  • Sociology

Advanced courses are available in business, English, psychology and religion.

All instruction is offered in English by a faculty comprised primarily of North American and European professors.

"The best part about studying in Lithuania is living with students from all over Eastern Europe. My roommates were from Latvia and Lithuania. We laughed, talked, cooked, ate, prayed, and studied together for four months. I learned about generosity from students who had nothing to give. I learned about God from women who grew up under an atheistic government. I learned the value of sitting and talking with people and of the beauty in differences. Just because you've never heard of Lithuania doesn't mean that it doesn't have something to offer!" ~ Jaclyn Cline