Irish Studies Programme

The Irish Studies Programme is designed for students to expand cultural and spiritual awareness by studying and experiencing the history and culture of Ireland. Irish literature, Irish history, Celtic studies, and Contemporary Ireland comprise the core of the program's course of study. 

This program is enriched by exposure to Ireland's fine arts, exploration of the land and experience with her people. Reflection for personal growth occurs through residence life, guided discussions, and chapel. Students are encouraged to worship with local churches and fellowships.

"Ancient castles, steep cliffs, city street corners, ocean beaches, gothic cathedrals, an island mountaintop, and a constantly traveling bus—these were my classrooms for a semester. I embraced a culture I didn't want to let go of, touched history at every turn and encountered Christ like I never expected. I even hung out with my professor on a regular basis! I learned to love education, and that will stick with me for life." ~ Jason Nieuwsma