Submissions Guidelines for Concurrent Sessions

Once thought to be an arena of pervasive secularity, a growing body of literature now touts the benefits of collegiate experience on a person’s religious faith in the immediate sense.  What is less clear is the role that experience plays in terms of faith formation in the years and even decades that follow.  In essence, what difference does college make, if any, after that experience comes to a formal close?

In addition to the plenary addresses offered by Holly Allen, Vern Bengtson, and Christian Smith, we invite you to add to the conversation in at least one of two ways. 

First, we are seeking submissions pertaining to practices you are leading on your campus that contribute to sustaining a vibrant faith after college.  For example, in what ways do spiritual formation groups help or hinder students in making the transition to life after college?  What service-learning programs facilitate both short-term and long-term reflection on a student’s faith? 

Second, we are also seeking submissions pertaining to formal research you have conducted.  For example, how do alumni view their experiences in chapel services five years later?  Ten years later?  What correlation, if any, exists between living in community during college and participation in an ecclesial community after college?

To submit a proposal, please send a 200 word abstract to by Friday, August 1, 2014.  In the subject line, please note “HES Submission—Practice” or “HES Submission—Research.”  Responses will then be sent by Friday, August 8, 2014.  Presenters will also have the opportunity to submit their materials for consideration for the Association for Christians in Student Monograph Series published by Abilene Christian University Press. 

Please also send any further questions to