Making it Safe for our Students

Access to Campus Facilities
Most campus buildings and facilities are accessible to members of the campus community, and to guests and visitors during normal business hours, Monday through Friday and limited hours on Saturday.

All buildings are currently using a key lock, or card access system. The administrative and service buildings are locked after business hours and on weekends. The academic buildings are locked by midnight during weekdays and by the early evening hours on Saturday, except where University functions requested by authorized faculty/staff and confirmed through the Taylor University Police Department, necessitate otherwise. Almost all buildings remain locked on Sundays.

The main lounges of all residence halls are closed to members of the opposite sex at 1:00 am daily. Gerig Hall, Bergwall Hall, and Swallow-Robin, which house both men and women, are closed to non-hall residents at this time. The main entrances of all residence halls are locked at 1:00 am every night. Other doors are locked from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am every night, depending on University faculty/staff needs and upon proper authorization from the Taylor University Police Department. Entrances in all residence halls are unlocked at 9 am each morning. Persons entering after halls are locked may be requested to show their Taylor ID card to the assisting staff person.

Maintenance and Security of Campus Facilities
Taylor University is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for those who are a part of the Taylor community. In recent years exterior lighting along the walkways, parking lots and building exteriors of the campus has been significantly improved. Periodic surveys are completed by the Taylor University Police Department and the Physical Plant Department to determine if lighting is adequate. Members of the campus community are encouraged to report any lighting deficiencies to the Taylor University Police Department at x85396 or the Physical Plant Director at x85224.

Exterior doors on campus buildings are checked and secured each evening by Taylor University Police officers. Any door and security hardware operating deficiencies are reported by the officers to the Maintenance Department. Parking lots and facilities are actively patrolled by Taylor University Police officers every shift.

Security Awareness and Crime Prevention Programs
The philosophy of Taylor University, Upland, is to prevent crime rather than react to crimes already committed. Through educational programs, alerting students and staff to previous activity, asking for voluntary assistance, and asking each person to be responsible for his/her own security and the security of others, much can be done in the area of prevention. In addition to the prevention programs listed in Sexual Assault Policy below, the following programs and projects are employed by this campus:

  1. Emergency telephones...campus phones located in public areas of every building have the emergency phone number posted on them.
  2. Crime prevention presentations...a number of crime prevention and safety presentations are given annually to staff and students. These usually take place in the residence halls or dining commons.
  3. Students and staff are strongly encouraged to be the "eyes" and "ears" of Taylor University Police Department by immediately reporting suspicious activity by calling x85555.In addition to crime prevention, the Taylor University Police Department provides the community with timely reports of crimes committed on or off campus considered to be a threat to students or employees through campus bulletins, The Echo (the weekly school newspaper), residence hall directors, and announcements in classes and chapels.