Emergency and Health Services

In the event of an emergency or catastrophic disaster, Taylor's Emergency and Health Services (EHS) will mobilize its resources to provide basic aid and limited medical services to the campus community in conjunction with local, state, and federal government assistance.

Taylor University's Police Department (TUPD) has full-time police officers certified within the state of Indiana. Along with handling emergencies, the TUPD handles the motor pool, campus parking, and identification card services during regular hours.

Upland Health & Diagnostics Center has a nurse practitioner available for Taylor students during regular office hours. Contact number: (765) 660-7520

Quick Reference Numbers

If you are in need of immediate assistance, below you will find the numbers you need to contact:

Emergency Phone (crime in progress, fire, or medical emergency)
Non-Emergency Phone
Off campus:  (765) 998-5395
On campus:  x85395
After Business Hours Emergency Service
Off campus:  (765) 998-5555
On campus:  x85555
Non-Emergency Health Service:

NOTE:  Students are encouraged to dial 9-9-1-1 to ensure quicker response to an emergency.

To report a crime or emergency, members of the campus community should call the campus emergency line at 998-5555. All campus phones have the emergency number posted on the phone. This number is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In the lobbies or public areas of all campus buildings there are free on-campus public phones from which the Taylor University Police Department can also be reached by dialing x85555.


The Taylor University Police Department maintains both direct telephone and two-way radio contact with:

The 911 system is also available as back-up to the Taylor University emergency phone system.

Reporting Crime

A crime may be reported to any campus security authority or any member of the TUPD. Campus security authorities are:

  • VP for Student Development and Dean of Students
  • Director of Housing
  • Director of Student Programs 
  • Director of Calling and Career Office
  • Director of Intercultural Programs
  • Assistant Director of Intercultural Programs
  • Director of Counseling Center 
  • Director of Student Ministries
  • Director of Health Center 
  • Residence Hall Director
  • Campus Pastor
  • Director of Residence Life Programs
  • Dean of Residence Life and Discipleship
  • Director of University Apartments and Coordinator of Off-Campus Community