Emergency and Health Services

In the event of an emergency or catastrophic disaster, Taylor's Emergency and Health Services (EHS) will mobilize its resources to provide basic aid and limited medical services to the campus community in conjunction with local, state, and federal government assistance.

Taylor University's Police Department (TUPD) has full-time, Indiana certified, police officers. Along with handling campus emergencies, the TUPD manages the motor pool, campus parking, and identification card services during regular hours.

Upland Health & Diagnostics Center has a nurse practitioner available for Taylor students during regular office hours. Contact number: (765) 660-7520

Taylor’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (Title IX) policy requires Title IX officers to be available, as our students’ safety is our priority. Taylor University takes all discrimination and sexual violence reports seriously. Contact number: (765) 998-5344

Quick reference numbers

If you are in need of immediate assistance, use the numbers below to reach help:

Emergency Phone (crime in progress, fire or medical emergency)

OR via a campus phone dial 9-911

For non-emergency purposes or to report a crime, Campus Police can be reached at the following numbers:

During business hours: 765.998.5395 or via campus phone at x85395
After business Hours: 765.998.5555 or via campus phone at x85555

Non-Emergency Health Service:

Upland Health & Diagnostics Center: 765.660.7520

In the lobbies or public areas of all campus buildings there are free public-use campus phones from which you can dial 9-911 to reach emergency help or 85555 to reach Campus Police.


The Taylor University Police Department maintains both direct telephone and two-way radio contact with:

The 911 system is also available as back-up to the Taylor University emergency phone system.