Sammy Morris' Gravesite

Freinds and classmates gather at the Morris gravesite

Morris' burial at Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne drew hundreds from near and far. The location of his original gravesite, however, remains unknown. In 1928, Taylor's senior class had Morris' grave relocated to a more prominent place in Lindenwood Cemetery in Fort Wayne, IN and dedicated a new monument. It remains one of the most frequently visited graves in the cemetery.

Lindenwood Cemetery: 2324 West Main Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46808

After driving in, turn left. Continue until you see a sign that says "Garden." Turn right. Go approximately 300 yards where you will see a marker on the left that says "14" along with a scripture or a poem on it. Sammy's grave is up on the crest of the hill above that marker.

Inscription on Original Grave

The Morris tombstone

Samuel Morris 
Native of Africa 
Born 1873 
Died May 12, 1893 
while attending 
Taylor University 
at Fort Wayne, Ind. 
preparing himself 
for missionary work 
among his own people

Inscription on Current Grave

Samuel Morris 

Prince Kaboo
Native of West Africa 

Famous Christian Mystic
Apostle of Simple Faith
Exponent of the Spirit-filled life 

Student at Taylor University 1892-3
Fort Wayne, now located at
Upland, Indiana. The story of his life
a vital contribution to the
development of Taylor University 

The erection of this memorial was
sponsored by the 1928 class Taylor
University and funds were contributed
by Fort Wayne citizens

The Original Samuel Morris at Lindenwood Cemetery

Samuel L. Morris, the man under whose name prince Kaboo was baptized, also rests at Lindenwood Cemetery. After graduating from Princeton University, he served as a well-known trial lawyer throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s in Fort Wayne. Morris (Samuel L.) sponsored a young missionary, Miss Knolls, who would eventually return the favor by bestowing his name on her first convert in Liberia.