Samuel Morris and World Events


Samuel Morris lived and influenced during a time of great change for the world. To give you a perspective of the world in which he lived and how his influence continued after his death, the timeline below lists both events in the Morris story and the world. Events highlighted in bold refer to the Morris story.

1863 - Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation declaring all slaves free

1865 - Civil War ends

1873 - Samuel Morris is born Prince Kaboo

1880 - U.S. population 50,155,783; Black population 6,580,793 (13%)

1884 - Morris taken captive

1886 - John Pemberton invents Coca-Cola

1887 - Morris is born again in Christ

1891 (spring/summer) - Morris departs for New York

1891 (September 27) - Morris arrives in New York

1891 (December) - Morris arrives at Taylor

1893 (January) – Morris taken ill

1893 (May 12) - Morris dies

1893 (fall) - Taylor moves to Upland

1894 - First Samuel Morris dorm is erected

1903 - Wright Brothers make first flight

1914 - World War I begins

1928 - Morris' remains are relocated and a new gravestone is placed; Jorge Masa’s The Angel in Ebony first published

1939 - World War II begins

1955 - Rosa Parks refuses to sit in the back of a bus

1958 - Second Morris dorm is erected

1963 – Martin Luther King Jr. delivers "I Have a Dream" speech

1969 - Man walks on the moon

1993 - Sammy Morris International Student Endowed Scholarship Fund instituted by Lowell and Virginia Hatfield

1995 - Three Morris statues are dedicated on the Upland campus

1996 - Taylor celebrates sesquicentennial

1996 - Taylor receives $3.15 million grant from Lilly Endowment, Inc. and establishes the Samuel Morris Scholars Program on its Fort Wayne campus

1998 - Third Morris residence hall opens

2001-2002 - Eligibility for Samuel Morris Scholars Program ceases

2004 - Members of the Sinoe County Association in the Americas (SCAA) visit Taylor to learn about and honor Morris; begin a long-standing relationship with the University; Dr. Charles Kirkpatrick, faculty member emeritus established as official liaison with SCAA; Kirkpatrick presents keynote at SCAA annual convention (and speaks at all annual conventions through 2010); Kirkpatrick also serves as official University contact for guests seeking further information on Morris’ life and legacy

2006 (April/May) – Members of the SCAA attend meetings with University officials and inauguration of Eugene Habecker as President of Taylor University

2006 (July) – Taylor University and SCAA enter into an agreement of understanding, which formalizes the relationship

2010 (March) – Dr. Charles Kirkpatrick and members of the SCAA travel to Liberia to continue the process of exploring the building of the Samuel Morris Learning Enrichment Center, which would serve a crucial need in the Greenville area to bring hope to the community and give a spiritual and educational uplift to the children and young people there

2010 – Taylor University cooperates on Christian History Institute's Torchlighter production of The Sammy Morris Story, an animated video; filming done on Taylor University campus and in Fort Wayne for documentary portion of video